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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Reason To Write

I am very much a closed book….why write a blog then you ask.  Well I will tell you just a few of my reasons to why I want to start this blog/website.

I am a mum to two beautiful children, a wife to a man who is above and beyond the rest as well as a sister and daughter!  Much to my husbands dislike I am a closed book on my feelings most of the time, but I am learning.  This is where the blog comes into it.  I am a writer; I communicate this way and express myself this way.  Even as a young child I would write letters to my parents instead of talking, this is not to “get out” of communicating I just found this way so much clearer to express my feelings and thoughts!  I continue doing this in my adult years too and my loving husband has accepted this but in my promise to him I am trying to be more of a verbal communicator.  Therefore I will focus my need for writing and expression through writing to my blog so it is fulfilled allowing me to expand on my verbal communication!

I also have a brick wall I keep up most of the time, I am not fake, never am I fake, but I just keep the brick wall up as if holding back an attack!  No idea where this comes from I have just developed it over the years. And before you think I had a horrible childhood etc I am pleased to say I had the most amazing and loving childhood and I have the most amazing and loving and guiding parents one could ask for.  So why I have built this wall is anyone’s guess but it has decreased in size over the years and especially through the support of my husband over the last 7 years!  This blog will disclose my thoughts and share experiences in a way that helps me and also may just help others out there.  It will talk about mummy moments, parenting, family, fashion, and loads of other things too.  I will never delve into other people’s lives, experiences or feelings unless they give consent.  I will always own my words.  I am also not a sensationalist so I am sorry but I have no deep dark secrets to tell or experiences to share but I have a lot of experiences to share that may help a fellow mother, woman or anyone and that’s a goal of mine.  To help others through writing. 

My husband and I try to give our children the best life we can through love, support and experiences.  I will share all well most of these with you along the way.  I have addiction children’s fashion and accessories!!!  So you will see a lot of reviews and there may be one or two blogs after my shopping adventures!!!  If there is ever a question you’d like answered I will always try to answer it or if there is a product you’d like reviewed let me know and I will do my best to find it.  My writing has helped me but hindered me in my life so today as I write this my first blog I work towards it always helping others and me!

Kate xxx

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