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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Loves of My Life

6 years ago I met the love of my life!  I met a man that was beyond my wildest dreams- in looks, then I go to know him and he was beyond my wildest dreams all over!  We got married not long after in 2007 and it was a beautiful day and I look at the pictures of that day and know how lucky I am.  As per our plan, I fell pregnant with our first child.  On 29 August 2008 I fell in love AGAIN!  A different love but I fell in love again!  I love my husband with my WHOLE heart but it is conditional- don’t cheat, lie, steal or hurt me.  But our children I love unconditionally.  Then add to that that I have felt this little person grow from pea size to 6 pond 4 ounces, every flutter they made inside was from my moving or feeling, I nurtured you inside me making sure you grew healthy, then you were born into this world.  That is why my love for our children differs from the love for my husband.  Both I love equally and there is no hierarchy but it is definitely different.  Then on 23 December 2010 I felt this love all over AGAIN!  Some people never fall in love but I have been lucky enough to fall in love 3 times and remain in love all these years.  It is the most special, warming and brilliant blessing I could ever receive.

My Loves
Fun times                              
These 3 blessings keep me going day in day out and I love it!  I hear lots of stories or blogs about people who say they never felt this or never feel like they fit motherhood.  I am proud to say motherhood fits me like a glove and it’s a perfect fit!  That’s not saying I am perfect or above anybody but I feel at one with my role and I enjoy every day doing it and that I can honestly say.  In our household I am a 24/7 mummy, my husband works extremely hard to provide for us and my appreciation for him I show through cooking his meals, cleaning his clothes, keeping our house tidy and loving him.  I guess I am also blessed that I can run of next to no sleep so having two children who seem to be the same has been another blessing.  I am very rarely away from our children and this is by choice, my heartaches at the thought of leaving them for some reason.  We grocery shop together, we shop in general together, we go to appointments together, I do it all with the kids.  Again this is no ‘I'm better than others’ spiel, but I feel I need to write this as so many write how they cant do the above things and they shouldn’t be judged.  I feel I get judged extremely for being a 24/7 mother, things like ‘your children are spoilt’ or ‘your children wont be independent’ or ‘when do you have you time’.  Let me set the record straight on my terms- our kids are spoilt with love and LOTS of it, both children are very independent FOR THEIR AGE they will be 18 before we can blink so imp soaking them up as long as I can and when do I have ‘me’ time, I have this when the kids are asleep.  I don’t go around stating I'm better than those who feel motherhood doesn’t fit them but what I do say is yes it fits me and I am so proud of myself and I love everyday being who I am. 

Back to my first love, my husband, he is a true inspiration to men these days.  He is not a chauvinistic pig but nor is he so sensitive you forget you married a man!  He has feelings and he lets them known, he can build anything, he can fix anything and he can love, by gosh can this man love!  The love he shows myself and the love he shows our 2 children is to die for!  Has our marriage been the perfect magazine marriage- hell no its been the normal, work in progress marriage.  One thing on our side is we both GENUINELY love each other and believe in our vows we made on the 16 June 2007!  Just because my husband doesn’t get up at night to the children, or take them out so I can sleep in or watch them at night so I can go out does not make him a bad father!  He spends QUALITY time with our children not “scheduled” time or ‘you must be here’ time with them but genuine time with US all as a FAMILY.  Again this is not a dig at others who run their families differently but it’s an explanation of how we run ours and that it works beautifully and our children are extremely happy.  My husband works a lot and he does this for us, for our family but he also loves us all very much and I know he would love to have more time with us and this I'm sure will happen once we are more financially stable. We have spent the last few Sundays just hanging out at home.  My husband has built the children the most amazing cubby house; well I call it the mansion as its huge!  We have all been together and it’s been fun and great!  Sundays is ‘our’ day, it’s the day we spend quality time together, most Sundays anyway.  I love my 3 loves with all of my heart and cooking, cleaning and nurturing them all is the least I can do for the love they give me in return. 

Enjoy your families but remember that just because you live a certain way doesn’t make it wrong it makes it right for your family and that’s all that counts.  To all those mummy’s out there who struggle, take a breath and know you’re doing the best you can and your family love you for it and be proud of yourself.  For all the mummy’s out there who have found motherhood fits them like a glove, keep doing what you love and be proud of your family and yourself.  To all the men reading this (probably husbands reading over wife’s shoulder lol) thank your wife, the mother of your children for the things she does, let her know how much she is appreciated as you just don’t know how hard her day has been or what judgment someone has made on her that day.  Love daily and laugh often.

Kate xxx

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