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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Scary Times

All forms of media are filled with stories, tributes and articles about Jill Meagher and rightly so.  This post is one that was brewing inside my head before the tragedy of what happened in a small Melbourne town.  Ever since Miss P was born I can no longer watch shows like Law & Order or movies like Taken, I get deeply disturbed by them and the nightmares that follow are awful.  This being because I relate it all back to my kids and these movies aren't just far fetched entertainment anymore, things are happening out their in the real world that are exactly the same as scenes from these shows and movies.  I often lay in bed at night wondering how we are going to keep the kids safe, I know I can't be there for them all the time and I am not wanting to wrap them in cotton wool, but the world is a very dangerous place at the moment.  Even my mum, who raised 4 kids, says she worries for kids of today and the things she allowed all of us to do back then she would never allow if it was like it is today.

So many things have played apart in the way society is today-

  • TV ratings are pretty much a joke, as long as they get the people watching it they don't care so shows with swearing and violence are on at 7-730pm when most kids are still awake.  These used to be kept until at least 830pm.
  • the drugs and alcohol are so freely available.  Parents just throwing their hands up and saying 'well what can I do to stop them'. What can you do to stop them? At least try and stop them and then just keep on being there and supporting that's what! Be concerned about your child's friends, know their friends!
  • Glorification of shows like Underbelly and Sons of Anarchy, why put these on TV seriously.  Kids watch these and think these people have a great life, full of money and girls.  They don't see  the way they end up like we do.  And kids are being allowed to watch these shows.
  • the government, why, because jail is a beautiful place to go, its a resort! Why would anyone be deterred to do crime when they can live a life of luxury?  OK I know its not all luxury, but people are not coming out of jail with any type of good lesson instead they're coming out with more bad contacts and most of the time hungry to do it all again!
I'm no expert and I am only 29 years old but I can still see whats happening in society.  I am not a perfect parent, my kids are only little still so I haven't been through the teenage years but my husband and I have both decided we aren't going to bow down to society and raise our kids the way they want us to, we are going to raise them the way we want them to be.  Does that mean they will never be in trouble, or never touch drugs or never have any type of problem? No it doesn't, but what it means is we will TRY and make them aware of these dangers and if they do fall we will be there to help them pick up the pieces.  We both know we are our kids parents first and their friend second, we are not scared to say no to our kids and we will when they are teenagers too.  But one thing I won't be told anymore is that I am trying to wrap my kids up in cotton wool.  My kids will know about the real world through the news and through family discussions etc but will we try and keep them from danger- you bet you we will.  We will talk to our daughter about the dangers of walking alone at night, strange men, etc and we will talk to our son about similar dangers.    

The Jill Meagher story has rocked many worlds, I feel for her family.  It should never have happened, it is though and it will continue to.  It has saddened me but empowered me too, empowered me to keep on protecting and teaching my kids and not let society rule the way we raise them!

RIP Jill Meagher and my prayers are with your family x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Boredom Busters

Where has the time gone, seriously its Thursday and the first week of school holidays are almost over!  We have had a mixture of nice home time and outings as well so its been lovely.  There have been a few moments of 'mum I'm bored' and this got me thinking- what are some boredom busters I can share with other mums for the school holidays?

fun times
So here's my list of boredom busters for school holidays (or anytime really):
  • buy some old saucepans from op shop or markets and if you have a sandpit put them in there with some water- hours of role play fun
  • add rice and food colouring to water and this will entertain and focus on their sensory skills as well
  • good old play dough (50c a tub at Kmart) but just have paddle pop sticks or match sticks for them to create with
  • forget the expensive superman or princess dress ups, go to op shop or market and purchase women and men's clothes, shoes, hats and accessories.  The brighter and more unusual the clothes or accessories the more fun the kids will have. Have a box especially for dress ups so they can take them outside too.
  • go to local hardware and ask for the offcuts of wood.  Our local Mitre 10 often have small blocks.  Put these outside with some glue (or hammer and nails if bit older) and watch their imagination flow
  • box construction- get grandma, aunts or friends to collect all their cereal or tissue boxes and toilet rolls and the kids will have hours of fun building and creating things from the boxes.  Use sticky tape instead of glue to binds kids find this a bit more interesting
  • washing baby dolls- fill up some buckets and get the kids baby dolls out, add a little baby wash to water and give the kids a washer and let them wash their babies.  Can also add the babies clothes to this and then hang them out.
  • outdoor obstacle course- create an age appropriate obstacle course in the backyard.  This gives a new meaning to their outside toys and develops their gross motor skills.
There are just a few ideas that might keep boredom at bay.  As much as its great to stay home, it's also fun to venture out.  Today we are heading to the movies to see Madagascar 3, Miss P and I are heading to Star Class whilst Master X has quality time with grandma! 

Hope your school holidays are going well so far and enjoy the time with your kids.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Big Day Out

Our big day out kids style! With Grandma creating memories!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ben 10 Giveaway

Anyone in Sydney or Melbourne with a Ben 10 fan in the house this is the giveaway for you!!!  

Life Like Touring Australia present the Ben 10 LIVE show in Sydney and Melbourne and I have a family pass to each show!  A family pass has 4 tickets in it worth $196!  The Sydney show is at the Theatre Royal on Saturday 29th September at 10am and Regent Theatre Melbourne on Saturday 6 October at 10am. This looks like a great show as you can see from some of the pictures below!  

To Enter:
All you have to do is leave a comment below with your email address and name and I will use to select the winner.  Entries close Thursday 27th September at 5pm (QLD time) and your tickets will be emailed to you that day.  


Check out Life Like Touring to see what other great events they currently present and up coming ones there are some great ones coming.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Things That Make You Smile

Last night Master X was sick and I, like many parents, don't like to see either of my children sick, so this morning has been a quiet one.  But it got me thinking about all the good things in my life and this made me smile!  It feels good to smile!  I then laughed because the things that make me smile are so very different to things that would have made me smile BC (before children).  I thought I would let you inside my thoughts this morning and see what made me smile.

Beautiful girl doing some craft makes me smile daily

Ah beloved coffee machine definitely makes me smile

Beautiful sitting deck or more commonly dancing stage for the kids

Lovely kids furniture they make me smile to see the kids happy in them

The kids fort and swings a place of smiles always

Our deck where smiles always happen

Handy hubby made a cubby that produces smiles constantly

oh so cute undies for my clever boy! Found size one so cute

Many things that make me smile.  What makes you smile?  Hope you all have a great day full of smiles!

School Holiday Planning

They are here again (in QLD we start next week) school holidays begin!  I love them I must say, it's a time I get to spend with both the kids and it give Miss P some down time.  We love to plan lots for our school holidays so I thought I would share with you all the printable I made up for us.  Let me warn I am in the extremely novice stage of printables so don't be too hard on me please.  Feel free to download and print of either one and have your school holidays sorted before they start!  Get the kids to help you plan.

Please feel free to share the printables with others and again these are my first ones so expect the next ones to be a thousand times better!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

And The Winner Is......

The winners of the Jamie Oliver giveaway have been chosen! has chosen entrant 9 and 11 therefore the winners are Emma Adma Weda and Karen Leschnik!  Congratulations!  Your book will be posted out to you.

Thankyou to everyone that entered this giveaway I have loved reading your entries and it has also prompted a few ideas for posts related to some of your favourite areas.

Sorry about the photo quality but it was becoming difficult to take a screen shot so had to use phone camera.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday- New Camera

One afternoon, lovely backyard, one new camera and two adorable children!