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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Today's Technology

I love gadgets, I love technology and I am always using it!  But as a parent there comes a time when we must take a look at what our children will be exposed to soon.  With Miss P turning 4 soon she is already on the iPad- which I don't mind as its monitored and I am the one that puts educational content on there- but soon she will be exposed to the Internet which quite frankly FREAKS ME OUT!

Just last night Mr D was telling me how he was looking on the Internet at metal tools for work (he is a roofer) and in the top search listings came a site which really disturbed him.  It was a site about how to murder people and get away with it!  Can you believe that, top listing on Google, after typing in metal tools this comes up!  Surely Google have some control over what they list and I small for making profits but where are their morals!  We wonder why our society is so ruthless, why the robberies are so violent and during daylight and why there are so many sickening deaths happening daily!  These sites that "pop" up may not make you or I go out and perform any of it (well I hope none of my readers do!) but all it takes is one sick or unstable person to see it, get an idea and then execute it! I definitely don't live with rose coloured glasses on- gee i would love to be so much better- I realise the world has these evil things in it, but to have it in your face and even when you don't deliberately search for it has really scared me.

In this household safety matters

This incident then got me thinking about the kids, it cemented in the need for parental controls on computers.  Now don't jump to think I am going to wrap them in cotton wool, but there are some things that kids don't need to be exposed to, things that don't better their life in any way. We always said that the kids would have a communal computer, in a part of the house that was visible to us (like the study) and we would make use of parental controls.  Not to restrict the children's freedom but to restrict content like my husband found or pornography sites appearing.  We want our son (and daughter) to learn about sex the right way, the dignified way not think that pornography is sex.  I had this discussion with my mother the other day, she said that she would not like to raise children in this society, I tend to agree but have no choice!  Not all of this society is bad, but this whole freedom to do whatever you like, say whatever you like and advertise whatever you like is scary and damaging to today's children- heck sometimes it damages me! I don't dislike all of today's society love way more than I don't like but simple things like classifications have gone out the window- adult TV shows on at 730pm when most children are still awake, the use of swear words on morning radio stations and to some words like s#*t and b*#ch may not be swear words but to us they are and I wouldn't want to hear those words come from my children yet how can we blame so many kids these days that are subject to these radio stations or TV shows that use them as everyday words.  It just all makes me so angry sometimes.

Recycle- we recycle our morals and values with our children who then recycle for their children

I'm sure you have heard or seen the Emily Seebohm incident- crying that she got silver and disappointed everyone- I was appalled that she was made feel this way, you can be naturally hard on yourself as most top athletes are but this display came from a lot of media pressure and expectations.  Silver, really, I would have been flat out getting to the blocks I am that slow!  Miss P saw her crying on TV and asked why so I explained, her response "but she has a nice shiny necklace (the medal)" this made me realise I must keep instilling this to them both that no matter what if you tried your hardest you should be proud. I said to Mr D last night that we cannot change the whole society but we can install morals and values into our children and they may just pass this to other children along the way.  Our children are aware of the real world (where age appropriate), they won't be hidden under a rock until they are 18, but they will not be exposed to material that does nothing but damage them.  My promise to my family is to protect them from what society isn't protecting!

Kate xxx


You can only feel on top of the world for so long! I've talked myself through these feelings for awhile now, I've tried to be positive but tonight....I'm deflated! I feel like someone squeezed all the air from me.

Imagine this....You spend so many years being the best friend you think you can be, being there for a friend whenever they need, making them feel valued and basically just doing what a true friend does. Then POP overnight you're told you have a negative affect on them, their life is too busy for you to be in it, your friendship is too much! So for weeks, months you try to get a grip of the situation in your mind. You've tried to just move on but your heart breaks whenever you think about a memory you created with this friend. Memories you created with your kids too who are now trying to understand why they haven't seen their friends for so long.

I've been doing the above for months now and I'm now exhausted. I know it's time to just get over it but I honestly have no idea where to start, no idea what so ever! How do you get over a friendship you don't want to be over? Then I have moments where I get angry, angry because I haven't even been given the decency of a phone call or in person chat- its all via text, email or Facebook. 8 years of friendship and now there's no personal just words typed on a screen! I think I'm worth more than that, I feel I deserve better treatment.

As I type through tears, I know I'll probably never see this friend again, we will never go on holidays together, we will never share our children's milestones or share anything for that matter, I'm slowly breaking down. I knew this moment would come where I think I'm just going to cry for days but I know I need to. I know I need to cry and then wipe up the tears and continue on with life. I know there are people worse off than me, suffering more than me and my heart goes out to them but this is real for me and I'm hurting. I have an amazing husband and 2 children I adore so in the long run I'll be fine but for the moment, I'm really not. Really, really not.

Kate xxx

Monday, 30 July 2012

Guest Post: First Steps In Creating A Will

It may seem far away and be depressing to think about, but the inevitable fact of life is that none of us are going to be around forever. When it comes down to it, what you ultimately want to do is to protect your family and prepare them for the future. Sitting down and writing a will to divide your assets can be tough and confronting, but writing and storing it away will eventually bring you and your family greater peace of mind.
If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are the first steps in creating a will.
Remember the logistics
Writing a will is a complex activity and it is probably best to use a lawyer or attorney to help you. If you want to write your own will, start with the basics. Firstly, clearly identify yourself by your name, address and birthday, and state that you are of sound mental health. Also remember to make a note that this is your final will and any other wills you may have written in the past are now invalid.
Then, appoint an executor of the will – this person will carry out your instructions and divide your estate as you wished. Choose an honest friend or lawyer and make sure they are aware of their role. Empower the executor to be in charge of paying your debts, funeral costs and taxes as well as authorising them to deal with your real estate.
List your assets and divide them – remember to include a residuary clause
It is important to list as many of your assets as you can and then assign them to the family members, friends or charities you wish them to go to.  It helps to divide your monetary wealth into percentages and divide it that way. If you have been through a separation or had to deal with divorce law, make sure you keep your will up to date.
Lastly, it’s important to include a residuary clause in your will. This takes everything that was not specifically listed in your will and divides it between your "residuary beneficiaries".
Sign it and store it in a safe place
Be sure to sign your will correctly and in the presence of at least two witnesses, who must note their full name and address. Although partners and beneficiaries of the will can be witnesses, it is better if you find people independent of the will to sign it. This will reduce the risk of any legal disputes later down the track.
Store the will in a safe place such as a safe or secure filing cabinet. Tell your executor where you have stored the will and entrust them with a copy.
Making a will is one of the most important things you can do, especially if you have a family. It ensures your children will be looked after and cared for in the way you wished. Think about the making of a will as a necessity – not a morbid exercise!

** This is a guest post written by Jodie Parker, who is passionate about helping others understand the legal system.  She currently works with non-profit organisations with keeping their legalities in order.

Watts McCray is a leading provider and specialist of family law services in Australia. With Accredited Specialists in Family Law, a strong emphasis on communication, and an understanding of people, Watts McCray provides you with a caring and supportive environment to help resolve your legal issues.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Letter To You Both

I wrote this in my head whilst feeding Master X to sleep tonight....

To my little ones,
Each night I get the privilege of putting you both to bed, watching you drift off to slumber land and hopefully dream lovely dreams.  Whilst you sleep I often lay there staring at you both and thinking how blessed I am and how fateful I am to have you both!  You are both the most beautiful children, learning each day at such a rapid rate.  I take pride in both of you when we are out, I take pride in how much you both are so loving already at such a young age.  

Let me tell you now, I will never abandon you, not now, not later in life not ever!  Sometimes I do get carried away doing tasks or cleaning but you both have that power to pull me away from these chores and enjoy what you both.  I cherish these moments we spend together, everyday we spend doing lots of things or just a few things or sometimes just being at home!

Always know that each day I love you with ALL of my heart, with you both I carry my heart on my sleeve!  You both give me strength, astronomical strength daily! There are days you both drive me crazy (a good crazy that is) and I feel like we just haven't connected but then at the end of those days we have our cuddles and I tuck you both in and realise you did drive me crazy- crazy in love with you both!

To some the way I am as a mother is weird, or too much but to both of you it is clear it is exactly what you need.  I will never push you to be ready or independent or better or stronger.  I will just support you, I will guide you and most of all I will nurture you the way a mother should.  I will protect you but not obstruct your learning, I will help you but also let you learn it yourself, your needs will always be met but you won't be spoilt just spoilt with love!  You will always know what you mean to me, you will always feel what you mean to me.  

Sleep well my little ones, I cannot wait for the sun to come up and we can enjoy another day together.  Master X I will see you several times through the night as I help you fall back asleep, you take your time I will always be right there.  Goodnight xxx

I have printed this letter and intend to keep it and show them both when older.  I love them so much.

Kate xxx

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Giveaway Time

Ok I promised a giveaway so here it is....

Stylish Little Threads is an online children's boutique and is giving away a $50 voucher to spend in their online store to one lucky Tutus & Trikes reader!  You could buy a gift for someone, something for your child, anything you wish and trust me you will find lots of stylish products at Stylish Little Threads.  Some top brands in stock and some very useful products for babies and children.  

Here is how you can enter:
1. You must like Stylish Little Threads Facebook page (you can find it here)
2. You must sign up for email to the blog Tutus & Trikes
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4. Leave your email in the comments section below and the winner will be randomly chosen
5. Start thinking about what you will buy with your voucher!

Head on over to their website and start browsing their lovely products.  Many are on sale so you will get a lot with this voucher thats for sure.  Good luck!

Kate xxx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympics At Home

Finally its here.....the London Olympics have begun!  I am a lover of the Olympics, I love watching the Australian athletes compete actually all the athletes compete!  It gets me motivated to exercise for possibly 2 weeks, actually probably the first few days then the only exercise I do is the usual chasing after 2 children type!  Hang on that's an event at the Olympics- the marathon!  So there you have it, I am in some way a competitor!  Ok back to the REAL Olympics, Miss P watched most of the Opening Ceremony and was fascinated by it all!  Asked so many questions, it was great to see and hear her enthusiasm to learn about it all.  Master X liked the "show" of it all but obviously being 19 months he wasn't glued to the TV.  So this afternoon, the 2 kids have their couches out, blankets on, popcorn at the ready and watching the Olympics!  I must say I am loving it- this is the first Olympics (Miss P was only newborn when Beijing was on) that the kids can watch and enjoy the Olympics with us!

Awaiting the popcorn

I am not quite sure what my favourite even is, I guess it is the Swimming and Athletics but I also enjoy a lot of the other events too!  Thinking about doing our own Olympics at home with the kids complete with medals and make up some fun events for the kids to do.  It's a bit of fun but it also explains the Olympics to them in their own way- PLAY!  So I will keep you posted and updated on our medal tally, I will put up printables I use to create the medals in case you would like to have your own Olympics at home.  I am thinking of incorporating household chores into the fun and games too as events!  

Yummy popcorn
So as Ray Warren would say... Let The Games Begin!!!!

Kate xxx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Parties & Allergies

Party planning is in full swing here and all is going really well.  Miss P is getting very excited and now that the majority of our decorations and invites are ordered and here, its now onto the food side of things.  This is where we slow up a little! You see Master X has a severe allergy to egg, anaphylactic to be precise, so everything we will be consuming on the day needs to be safe for him too.  Do you know how many things have egg in them?  EVERYTHING!  Well it seems like it anyway. So the party planning turned from decoration sites to sites that help with allergies.  I needed items that made people aware that the food was egg free.  A lot had some great products but they were a little boring plain! Then I found Allergy Riders, even the name shouts style to me!  And they had exactly what I needed for the party- so stylish!

When I pulled these products out of the box I was amazed!  They are more stylish than non allergy products!  And the colours really attract peoples attention to what is written on them- a huge plus for me!  With so many children having allergies today it is really something to consider when hosting a children's event.  They have a wide range of products, obviously we only need the egg free items, but they have gluten free, dairy free, vegan and more!  I can't wait to put cupcakes in them and know that my little man is safe to eat them and people can clearly see what is safe for him to eat. Stay tuned for a post after the party to see how they looked and how they go on the day!

Kate xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Method Cleaning Products

It's funny how all things seem to tie in together!  As mentioned in my post about Healthy Eating we are trying to be as natural as possible in our house!  Well this yesterday I was excited to receive a box full of goodies from Method cleaning and bath products. Never have I been more excited to clean my house, I know sad isn't it!  And not only was I going to clean one area of the house, I intended to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else in between!

How cool are the colours!!!
From their website:
"we think bottles can be role models. lotions don't have to be scary potions. you should be able to inhale while you clean and exhale knowing that a guinea pig out there somewhere thanks you. we're people against dirty and we think you might be too"
The amount of times I would be cleaning the shower and almost fainting from the smell, yeah it may clean but what damage was it doing to my health!  The Bathroom Cleaner I tried smelt absolutely fabulous and yes at first I thought it smelt too "nice" to be able to do the job- WRONG it cleaned beautifully and with ease!  No passing out from toxic smell and such a nice aroma in the bathroom too.  Next I tried the All Purpose Cleaner, I am one who likes to wipe the benches and tables oh say a few hundred times a day, so I felt very at ease using this product due to the fact no harsh chemicals would be destroying my benches etc.  Again the smell oh my gosh!  Now for the real test- the Kitchen Cleaner.  Could it get rid of grime whilst smelling this great!  You bet.  I am a shocker for spilling things on the stove, well one spray of this kitchen cleaner, let it sit for few mins and wiped it off and I kid you not gone and smelling oh so yummy! 

So the house was smelling and looking great, what else could I clean! Oh thats right the kids were due for a bath, I could try out the Squeaky Green Kids Body Wash (fuzzy peach flavour). The first thing Miss P said was "mum this smells really good".  That was a good sign, another good thing is both my kidlets have sensitive skin so being able to bath them in something that left them smelling great but no reaction afterwards was GREAT!

Method hide nothing from you, the whole list of their ingredients in all of their products can be found on their website and if there is any ingredient you aren't sure of they are more than happy to answer any questions!  In my honest opinion of Method products I highly recommend them, they are safe, they work and they smell great.  The other important factor with cleaning products is the price and in this time of everything rising I believe the prices are very reasonable in fact I was quite surprised when I went onto their online shop to see the prices.  So if you are ready to clean in a more healthy way check out the Method cleaning products, I know I will be ordering a lot more especially now I am trying to keep our household as natural as possible!

Kate xxx

Friday, 20 July 2012

Soak It Up

I have just put Master X back to sleep, he wakes few times through the night, likes to feed back to sleep. There are nights where I think in my head- come on baby boy just sleep, but tonight I don't think I will ever need those words again.

For weeks now a very tragic event that happened in the town I live in has constantly been playing on my mind (I won't go into it as its not my story or even someone I know story) I drive past the scene frequently and as much as you try not to think about it you just cant stop. I stumbled across the blog owned by this person and read a little, cried, read a little more, cried until I couldn't read anymore. There were precious pictures of this mother holding her deceased son and I began to sob. I have no words for the sheer pain I felt for her having to do this and the thoughts of my own children naturally enter my mind.

I know we all say it after we read or hear something tragic, but it really hit me. I am no longer going to wish Master X would sleep, as it gives me precious cuddle time with him (and luckily for me I run off not a lot of sleep quite well), I am not going to worry that others think its 'too long' to be breastfeeding still at 19 months or he "shouldn't" be waking through the night, no not anymore because I want to hold him for as long as I can, I want to treasure what I am lucky enough to have and that is my little boy. My life and world centers around our children already but from his day forward it will even more so, if Miss P wants me to sit and watch tv, the dinner prep can wait, if she wants me to play with her My Little Pony's I will, the blog or work can wait. I want to soak her up too, all her crazy ideas from that wonderful imagination she has.

Like i said we all say things after events like this then drift back to the ways we know, but I will not, for I have images in my head now that I never want to experience and images that show me how precious life is, once gone we can never get it back. I apologize for the depressive nature of this post but after reading and seeing this other post it has left me with a heavy heart but also a very blessed one. Things around here may be a little slower paced than usual and may be a little messier but I haven't lost the plot people, I'm just soaking up the little lives that live here (along with the other big life too :-))

Kate xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rainbow Party

Today Miss P and I decided she would have a Rainbow Party for her up coming birthday in August!  I am a little bit excited! I have it all laid out in my head and I just want the party to be sooner so I can put it all together!

Tonight I went on the search for decorations, tableware, party bags and more!  I found exactly what I was after at The Party Parlour.  They had so much to choose from and good prices too!  I got some colourful paper lanterns, a rainbow invitation/party bag tag set, party bags and table runner.  I still have more to buy but very happy I got the big items sorted!  The best part (so far) has been this beautiful skirt I found for Miss P to wear on the day, its from Petal Blossom, its going to be kept a secret (if I can) and I know she is going to be so excited!

Oh makes me happy just looking at it!
There is still more planning to be done, more things to buy but for now I am so excited for my little girls 4th birthday party!  I will have more updates as we draw closer and I am sure to share more of my purchases with you once I find them!

Kate xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

I Dream of Crown Towers

As other mums and parents in general would know, after kids you just don't get out that often!  We don't thats for sure and we like it this way, but when I saw this chance by Nuffnang to possibly have a getaway at Crown Towers West End I started dreaming!  To wear that black dress hanging in my wardrobe, to see my husband all spruced up in a suit, feeling all glamourous for one night!!!!  I am not much of a drinker, but one every now and then is nice, and when I looked at the list of Lumia Shrub cocktails there was one that stood out that I thought would definitely need to be tried.  

Apple Daisy
Russian Standard Vodka, shaken with cloudy apple juice, lemon juice, dandelion and apple shrub and floated in dry cider.

How good does that sound!  I am a sucker for anything apple- apple cider, apple juice and hey throw in a little vodka and hey presto this would be my cocktail. Refreshing to say the least but hey anything with fruit in it is good for you, right?  An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

You can see me doing this right???

And apart of this awesome giveaway would be a limo ride (oh how glamourous), wifi in the room (I still need to connect people) and a late check out!!!  So as I dream of a getaway to Crown Plaza take a look at the gorgeous place for yourself here.

Kate xxx

Liebster Award

I am so new to the blog world and each day I love it more!  The wonderful Claudia from Little Cottage Big Life has tagged me for a Liebster Award!  I had to do some research as I had no idea what it was, thats how new I am!!  But I am so excited to be a part of it so here is how it all works:

The Rules
  1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the person you tag.
  3. Choose 11 people & link them to your post. (They must have 200 followers or less)
  4. Tell them you have tagged them.
  5. Remember, no tag backs.

11 Facts About Me
  1. My favourite colour is pink
  2. I absolutely love mashed (ok baby puree) vegetables
  3. I cannot go away without at least 3 sets of clothes for each day for each family member!
  4. I have a slight addiction to kids clothes and accessories
  5. I cannot sleep on planes, trains or in cars no matter how tired I am
  6. I choose to stay at home rather than go out 
  7. I am super stubborn
  8. I love to write
  9. I am a major planner and list maker
  10. I have to have things matching
  11. I could sit on the beach forever!
Claudia's Questions For Me

  1. One word that best describes you.   Routined
  2. Whats your favourite place to eat breakfast? At a cafe by the beach
  3. If you could go back in time, what year and why?  1990, I was 7 and life was so damn easy then!
  4. If your life was a reality TV show what would it be called? "Not Another List"
  5. What is your fondest memory of the 80′s? I was born in 1983 so my fondest memories are of my childhood in general
  6. One thing you can share that you are most proud of. My children!
  7. High School – love or hate? Early and late- HATE  Middle part- LOVED
  8. Aldi, Woolies, Franklins or Coles?  90% Aldi 10% Woolies
  9. What made you decide to be a blogger?  My love and obsession with writing
  10. Sweet or savoury? Savoury
  11. Do you like baked beans?  No

    Questions For My Tagees
    1. What is  family tradition you have created?
    2. Do you make your child's birthday cake or buy it?
    3. Ebook or paper book?
    4. Mac or PC?
    5. What famous person would you invite to a dinner party?
    6. Dogs or cats?
    7. Do you ever war your Pjs out in public?
    8. Number 1 tip for travelling with kids?
    9. Who's harder to toilet train- boys or girls?
    10. Whats the most important item in your handbag/nappybag?
    11. If you could have one object on a deserted island what would it be?

    My Taggees
    Join in as it is a bit of fun, but don't feel pressured to if you have done it before for are just not interested. Here are the people who I am tagging:

    1. Clare from The Home She Made
    2. Beth from Baby Mac
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    9.Kelly from Be a Fun Mum
    10. Bianca from A Little Delightful
    11. Jen from My Little Space

    Kate xxx

Going Natural For Our Health

I have been going to the local markets lately on a Sunday morning with the kids, allowing hubby to have a sleep in (I know I am fantastic aren't I) I buy all our vegetables and fruit and the odd "junky" toy for the kids!  At first I was doing it to save money as i bought in bulk, but it wasn't until I purchased supermarket strawberries last week that I realised we were all benefitting from the freshness of the food I was buying at the markets!  The supermarket strawberries had no flavour and were hard, something I had never noticed before!  We love our little trip to the markets, its literally a whole new world with a very "diverse" range of people!

Last week we planted our own garlic and strawberry plants, thanks to the rain I haven't had to water them all week but they need sunshine so go now rain!  This is the start of becoming a more natural household!  Master X wear cloth nappies at home 80% of the time (Iknow I could do better but better than not at all), I make his vegetables for dinner, I try to only give the kids the occasional packet food, the creams we have are natural (except one for Master X which I intend to change) and I have stopped buying harsh chemicals for the house!  Now, as much as I would love to say that everything we consume and use is going to be 100% natural, its just not going to happen!  I will still use disposables when out, Master X does have the Raffertys Organic vegetables when we go out.  But I am making a conscious effort to read all labels and try and chose all natural or as close to all natural as I can for the sake of my family!

In our family reading labels is also a matter of life and death as Master X has an anaphylactic allergy to egg and as you can imagine egg is EVERYWHERE!!!  So since he was diagnosed at 11 months every packet food is checked and any food where I cannot read the label he does not have!  This allergy has made me aware of the contents of our food much more than I did before.  There is a lot more baking happening in this house (husband thinks this is great and needless to say I have to double the batch to compensate what he eats at night!) and parties are just that little bit more stressful for me, theres no kicking back and not worrying what they eat, I have to be one step behind him the whole time.  In my favour, Master X is very good and has never been one to pick anything up and eat it.  Plus he is quite fussy with his food so we are still eating mashed vegetables for dinner and a lot of the "baby" food that is egg free.  So in our attempt to be more natural, it will benefit everyones health whilst keeping the environment safe for Master X. The thought of using that EpiPen absolutely freaks me out so we don't even keep eggs in our house!

I hope to have some more recipes for you of some of the snacks I have been baking and with 2 birthday parties in the planning stage I will share with you some allergy free but so yummy party food!

Kate xxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dora the Explorer Review

One very excited little girl this morning as we arrived home to find a box which contained the new release copy of Dora the Explorer!  Lunch was had in record time, and ready to watch it.  As I type I hear the credits rolling for the last of the 4 episodes the dvd contains!  Miss P has not moved once, I could here her answering Dora, laughing at Boots and then instructing her brother to sit and watch it too (at 18mths there is way too much to do for sitting and watching a dvd!).  We watch a lot of Dora so i was wondering how this would keep Miss P's attention, even though it was a new one, I thought she may get sick of it by the 2nd episode on the DVD, but to my surprise and relief not at all!  She was enthralled the entire DVD!  

Opening background from Dora show

I caught a glimpse each time I walked past lounge room and of course could hear it the whole time and it did sound great! Seems to me, I could be wrong, that this series is a lot more educational plus a lot more about feelings and emotions.  Perfect for Miss P as she is working out all these different emotions lately and experiencing them too (yay for me!).  But for those of you who have little ones, I would suggest it right up to age 6 or 7, enter the Dora the Explorer giveaway on the blog for your chance to win a copy of the new release, you won't be disappointed.  

New release Dora DVD

Please sign up to my blog via email, then read the post about the giveaway for details on how to enter!  Hurry though as entries close Friday at 7pm QLD time.

Good luck!

Kate xxx

Rare Moments

You know the get to Wednesday and think 'where on Earth did the last few days go'.  I had that moment today, the last few days have rushed past and I don't even know where they went, did I hug my kids enough, did i tell my husband I love him, did I do any housework (then I look to the laundry and the clear answer is NO).  So at lunchtime today, approximately 10 mins after having this feeling, I sat down with the kiddies to have lunch, listened to Miss P ask very random but cute questions, watched Master X just watch his big sister in awe, and I had this feeling of complete peace with myself.  Something I have not felt in a long time, I mean I have been content and very happy in my life but within myself thanks to lives dilemmas I have felt something missing.  Today my body and heart was whole, it is the best feeling.

The washing is planned to be done tomorrow (weather depending) but you know what if it doesn't I really couldn't care, if it rains we are going outside in raincoats and gumboots to make a mess and splash in puddles- something Miss P has longed to do but I always find an excuse- not tomorrow!  I think we all feel it and most say it but I am so totally in love and devoted to my two little people they just fill me with so much of everything and even after what seems like the longest and hardest day I can honestly look at them both and just think 'that was so worth it'.  Mushy, yep, true, most definitely.

Thankyou to my two little people for making my life and everyday special and filling me with a love like no other!  Thankyou for teaching me patience, strength and how to laugh at things more!  Heres my list below of things I aim to do more of with my little people:
1) painting outside
2) assorted craft
3) jumping in puddles
4) body painting (hands, feet, tummies, etc)
5) long SLOW walks with bags for our collections
6) talking, listening together
7) spontaneous drives and adventures
8) bushwalking
9) mueseum and other cultural experiences
10) taking time to just be amongst them totally amongst them!

Do you have a list?  Do you do any of these?  What are some others you could add to my list?  Let me know your thoughts I would love to hear them.

Kate xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dora the Explorer Competition

"Dora the Explorer is back for another adventure!  Paramount Home Media Distribution is excited to announce the world’s most popular preschooler, Nick Jr.’s Dora the Explorer, is back with Dora the Explorer: First Bikereleased on DVD on 20 June 2012. The latest DVD invites viewers to watch Dora demonstrate the magic of friendship as she helps her best friend Boots, to ride his first bike and find his missing boots, plus more.
Dora The Explorer: First Bike features four fantastic friendship adventures including three new-­‐to-­‐ DVD episodes including:
Boots’ First Bike
Boots is ready for his first big-­‐kid bike! Help Dora take him on an adventure to the Bike Shop, and help other friends do new things for the first time too!
It's Vacation Time! Help Dora and Boots pack up to meet Diego and Baby Jaguar for a night at the Rainforest Campground, and help Dora's friends get set for their trips too!
Bouncy Boots
Boots can't wait to get his boots back from the Shoe Shop, but when he gets bouncy boots instead, Dora and you need to help him on a bouncy adventure to find his own boots!
The Big Red Chicken's Magic Wand
Big Red Chicken accidentally breaks his magic wand after turning Boots into a chicken! To turn Boots back, help Dora return to Magic Land and fix the wand at the Wand Shop!"

Both kids here love Dora the Explorer, in the car, at home and everywhere else!  When I saw there was a new dvd out we couldn't be more excited!  We love the learning, the fun, the music and the general great feeling of the Dora series.  And who doesn't love Boots!  If this is your children too then I have the giveaway for you!  I want to know who has the biggest Dora the Explorer fan in their house, to enter post your comment below telling "why is your child the biggest Dora fan?".  Entries are open until Friday 13th July until 7pm.  I will then choose the top 5 Dora the Explorer fans and each will win a copy of the new release DVD.  Don't forget to leave your email address so that you can be contacted.  Good luck and can't wait to read all the entries! Good luck!

Kate xxx

Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY Cubby House

I am forever grateful that my husband is one handy and clever fellow!  I am a little bit fussy when it comes to things I require built, as in I have a set picture in my mind and don't even think about changing it!  Control freak you may say, well yes actually I am.

When we decided we wanted the kids to have a cubby house I was straight onto the internet to find what I was visioning in my head to show my husband.  We had a look at a few places selling cubby houses but the builder in my husband came out and he wasn't happy with the finishings of them.  Then he suggested he make one- I wasn't so sure!  Not that i don't have full trust in my husband but remember I am a control freak!   But we all have to move out of our comfort zone occasionally so I gave my husband the printout of what I wanted and let him go with it!  He didn't disappoint!  In fact he built it better than the picture I gave him and with more style.  The best part, is the kids now tell everyone "Daddy built our cubby house" and that fills me with joy but my husband even more so!

He did such a fantastic job of the cubby house and he put a lot of time and care into making it just perfect for the kids.  We are in the process of painting the walls inside- blue and pink, we have a wooden kitchen ready to be put in there and the kids will have hours of fun in this I just know!  All of the cubby houses we looked at were from $600 right up to $2000 and they were no where near as big as our cubby!  The grand total of this cubby was $250, it took my husband 2 full Sundays to build!  Nothing better than a homemade piece of play equipment you can sit back and watch your kids enjoy day after day!

Kate xxx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Magic of Discovery Making a Vegetable garden

From the minute they are born children are discovering, the magic of discovery is encouraging your kids to discover new things about the world.  This will differ from age to age but they never stop discovering and learning.  This is so clear in our household, with an 18 month old who is still discovering the very basic parts of "his world" here at home to an almost 4 year old who is just starting to discover the world outside of the home.  Both so different but just as magical as each other and helping them with this discovery is so rewarding.  Discovery for kids happens all year round, but winter can sometimes bring unwelcome bugs to our little ones and stop them discovering.  Here in our house we use Nurofen for Children as it gets temperatures back to normal faster than paracetamol so the kids can get back to the magic of discovery.

Just a few of what we purchased to plant
The kids are always with me doing the groceries and just the other day my almost 4 year old Miss P asked me several questions about different foods I placed in trolley.  From where they come from, who puts them there, how they get to the store and more.  So this opened up an opportunity for discovery.  At home we discussed that people planted the vegetables, cared for them and then picked them.  Miss P wanted to do this so we decided to make a vegetable patch (small but suitable for us).  So off to the nursery where Miss P helped choose the vegetables we often eat, soil to help them grow and of course some new gloves!  Not to forget our 18 month old Master X, who unable to discuss with us about the process, he was doing his own discovery in the nursery itself and then helping with digging the vegetable patch.  Discovering new textures, smells and skills all magic to him.

Discovering how to dig in the dirt
Different texture, digging in the rocks

Miss P really enjoyed digging the holes for the plants as we discussed again that we need to care for the vegetables in order for them to grow.  Miss P discovered that it wasn't an instant process, something which I feel is a valuable lesson, that we can't have everything instantly!  So with the vegetables planted and watered, the magic of discovery was great and we are still talking about it.  The vegetable garden will be our little ongoing discovery as our vegetables grow and then again when we get to pick and eat our vegetables from our own garden.  I cannot wait to see the excitement on Miss P's face when they are ready to pick.  The magic of discovery is alive here and we love it.

Loving the magic of discovery
Explaining that Master X "isn't doing it right"

For more information on how Nurofen can help with your children's fevers visit their website 

Kate xxx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

By Societies Rules

Society Paves The Way

I am by far a hippy, but I believe I am a natural/attached parent, well I try to be in the best way I can be. By natural/attached I mean listening to my baby's cues in regards to breastfeeding, sleep and in general, we co sleep (in order to get sleep), I believe my children will become independent when they are ready and I believe separation anxiety is real and I help my child with it not push them through it. Ok I still use 85% disposable nappies and cloth occasionally, remember I said I try to be natural! But society today and in many Western countries tells us all of the above is ridiculous and that I am letting my child control my life! Well yes I am and yes we do in this family let our children control our life! Now before you scream that our children will be brats and get what they want, I don't mean we let them do what they please and have free range of everything! What I mean is we believe that our life now is devoted to our children who need us to guide them and attend to their needs. We plan our outings and events around our children's needs, we don't push the kids to do things even when others are making comments like "he should really be sleeping all night" or "are you still breastfeeding?" I am on number 2 child so those comments slide right off my back but when I was a new mum they confused me and made me doubt my 'mother instincts' so often! This is so wrong of our society to confuse and make new mum's doubt the best sign, their instinct! I was prompted to write this post after reading this article by Jen from The Path Less Taken (read full article here). The article was spot on and I just couldn't agree more!

Why should a mother be frowned upon because her baby sleeps better next to her? Of course the baby will it has just spent the last 9 months inside her! Now I realise this doesn't "work" for everyone and we all have our own ideas and feelings on parenting, but thats just it, if I want to comfort my child immediately after they fall then I will and it won't make him/her a sook or me a helicopter parent, no the opposite it will show my child I care and I am there to support them! I have no degree in Psychology but I do have 2 small children, I have watched my soon to be 4 year old develop and grow into a confident little girl. But guess what, shock horror, she co slept, she had separation anxiety and I nurtured that, I never left her with others (unless she was happy), I spent and still do spend all my time with her. I had people inform me that she will be cling, no confidence and won't grow- silence is golden isn't it- i now hear nothing from them and God forbid they say what a great job I have done! I am very respectful to ALL parents, even if I strongly disagree with something they do or they do things different to me, in the end it is their child and they are the parent. But what I disagree with is not being given the respect I deserve as a parent doing what I feel is best for my child! The way some people have acted in response to my mothering ways you would think I was neglecting my children not the complete opposite! Let me be the mother I choose to be, let me nurture my children the way I feel is right for them and keep your comments to yourself. No mother needs to hear someone say 'oh how does your husband feel about co sleeping or breastfeeding or you never leaving the kids', to those who ask those questions or want to here is my answer- we both realize we have 2 small children who need our undecided love and affection in order to well adjusted adults, and when they are well adjusted adults we can enjoy our 'alone' time congratulating ourselves for sticking to what we felt was best for the kids! We had children o involve them in every part of our life, to create a family not to be told 'you spend too much time with your children, what about each other' our children see us looking after each other which is worth more than a thousand words!

So go on with your parenting ways, do not let anyone stand in your way and say its wrong (unless it really s wrong as in against the law or neglect then please cease immediately) be proud of who you are as a parent and just love your kids! I don't and will not ever enforce my opinion or the way I do things on others- if asked i will offer my opinion, I will blog about my ways but never imply they are the best or better than anyone else. Our children are the next society so let's instill some good old fashioned morals and values back into them and allow them to bring up children in a world where your way isn't ridiculed or frowned upon.

Kate xxx