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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mothers Day 2012

I am so excited for Mother's Day tomorrow! I am not at all interested (ok maybe a tiny bit) in my presents but more so in the fact that my life is just UNREAL at the moment!  Hubby and I are stronger than ever and well the kids are still the delight they always have been but together we are just the happiest little family!

I have requested a day at home relaxing with my lovely little family!  Not too exciting compared to the fancy lunches, lavish breakfast or large functions being held (I am sure they will be beautiful) but just what I am looking forward to!  Watching my kiddies play outside, jumping on their dad, watching the man I love just lighting up their faces as he plays with them!  What more could a mum want!

Ok so I am human, I am a little edited to see what hubby and kids have gotten me!  Hubby a little excited and proud of himself as he went shopping this afternoon!  Miss P very very excited and almost busting at the seams!  She did a 'surprise' today with grandma and its currently under her pillow and she was out making more 'surprises' with daddy this afternoon and she can't wait for the morning!  

I said to Miss P tonight as I tucked her in to bed, "I am so very lucky to be your mummy and I am glad you chose me" and she replies, "oh thank you mummy but thats ok I don't want any other mummy just you!"  Oh that feeling like your heart just fills with warmth and i know how lucky I am at that moment!

To all the mummies out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY for tomorrow, enjoy whatever it is you do and enjoy the love from your loved ones.

Kate  x

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