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Monday, 18 June 2012

Oopsie Lunch Bag Review

Having two little ones I have definitely gone through many lunch bags and lunch boxes!  We have done the cheap ones, the designer ones, the character ones and the in between ones!  But whilst out and about one day I noticed a lunch bag I actually liked the look of and the size was perfect!  I then searched and searched for Oopsie lunch bags and managed to find them here
The beauty of this lunch bag is really the size!  I can fit snacks and lunch for the two kids all in this one bag!  Yet its not bulky or hard to carry around!  It also keeps things cold for up to 5 HOURS, I normally have yoghurt in there with a small ice brick and I can pack this at 8am and at 1 or 2 in afternoon the yoghurt is still cold!  The other great thing is the design, lovely blue bird design.  They also make a red scooter print in the double bottle bags (also great for a lunch box) and can be found here
Every time I go out I get asked at least once where I got this lunch bag from and how nice it looks.  Lets face it if we have to cart so much stuff with us when we venture out lets do it in style right!
(PS I was not paid for this review or given products for this review it is simply there to review a product I love and help other mums and dads out there :-))

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