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Monday, 18 June 2012

Always a Positive

The sun is out and its a new day! The worries of yesterday have gone and time to move on people!
Well sort of anyway! The theory is great and I try to live by it but sometimes Mr Negative still creeps in and we realise we are HUMAN!
Recently some aspects of my life have changed, kind of for the better but in a sad way too. Us girls we value our friends (Im sure guys do too but we have a different connection to our friends) so when one departs us it kind of hits us hard. sometimes this is out of our control which in my case it is and i love this friend dearly but she is just that my friend and a dear one at that and i must respect her desire to distance herself from me. Does it make it easier? No way in fact harder. Its always easier if there is a clear reason, a massive argument to make it clear why this is happening but other times there isn't one and you just have to go with it. I have previously been very upset (internally) trying to comprehend it and coming to terms with reality of semi losing this close friend, but I am at one with it now. I am still upset at times and confused but really do I get upset and waste my life wondering or do I get on with it, let my emotions be known and just hope one day she will venture back? I have chosen the latter, I'm living my life!
I read a very sad blog the other day and ever since then my perspective on life has done a 360! No longer to I get upset over tiny things, or annoyed at meaningless things. My husband works very hard for us so the time we have with him we need to make every second count! If the house is a mess no longer am I running around yelling at kids to pack up, they're kids after all and they aren't being rough with the toys they're merely playing and having fun! This long weekend just gone I made myself aware every time I went to jump in when my husband was playing with kids, or when the kids started getting toys out and when the house looked like a tornado had hit it! Instead I went with it (I still tidied dishes and the usual) and it was a much much happier and fun household! Who knew one person could change the way it all functioned- I know the MUM does it again, right?? We mum's control a lot of how our families are and I have just realised this and it is so true! I stopped stressing and being military mum and all of a sudden we are functioning and happy! Although I am still military mum when needed but everything in moderation!
And it is our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend and we are heading to The Hilton in Surfers Paradise and I can't wait! We decided instead of presents which we probably won't use again lets go away as a family, be pampered in a luxury hotel and enjoy what we as a husband and wife have created together!
So its onwards and upwards for me, I hope you all can see the brighter side of life too! And remember we all have and are entitled to bad days, there are days everything is negative its the world against me but then I realise what and who I have in my life and it makes the bad days a little easier. Mind you there are those days everything seems to go wrong the minute I open my eyes so I normally just write those days off!
Stay positive, laugh lots with people you love and who love you!
Kate xx

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  1. Sometimes old friends leave our lives to make way for new friendships and lifestyle changes. Letting her go is the best thing for you and remember she's the one that loses out !
    I too have had to spend some time recently not being such a 'military' mum when it comes to the tidiness of my home, having two teenagers that I trained well over the past years has not assisted at all in making things easier on the my little miracle baby that came just over two years ago.... For the past ten or so years I have managed to have everything in its place and the teenagers know what they can and can't leave around ... and we'' what husband doesn't pick up I do for him - now I have to try to relax myself and neatness addiction to accommodation child's play. Good luck to you maintaining your relaxed environment and best wishes on being able to join in the fun !