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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Brisbane Winter Festival

Queensland weather is the best right? But wouldn’t it be nice to experience a little bit of winter wonderland here in sunny Queensland!  Now you can until the 1st July in King George Square Brisbane.

We visited The Winter Festival last Sunday and it was magical!  My youngest has always seen ice-skating on the TV and begged to go.  I was always a bit hesitant due to the fact she is only 3 and ice is hard when you fall (I know I have hit the ice many times).  I looked up the Winter Festival online and discovered the great Bobby Seal- what a fantastic idea!  I was then sold we were going!

Once there it was literally a winter wonderland, both the kids were in awe of the set up.  It really feels like you are walking into a little snow village! There were several little huts surrounding the ice rink, serving yummy winter warming delights!  Attached to the ice rink was the Lipton Tea tent, which was lovely and warm and you could sit on the edge of the rink in there so great for spectators.


All the staff were so helpful and we grabbed our skates and Bobby and headed to the gate!  My eldest (3 years) wanted to try skating so she did attempt it but very slippery and she opted to stay on the safety of Bobby and be pushed by me.  It was really a great family time as we pushed the kids around the ice, the smiles on all the kids faces (some scary looks on parents faces as they tried to stay upright) was just magical.  It was a great day out and one the kids will look back on and smile about.


It is definitely worth the trip to King George Square for this event, with school holidays upon us definitely add this event to your to do list!  Plenty of parking, public transport, great amenities and just a magical winter atmosphere!  Head to their website here and get your tickets and have some winter fun!

Kate xx

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