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Monday, 2 July 2012

Let's Celebrate!

Disney are famous for making children's lives that little bit more magical with their movies, shows and books!  Well they didn't disappoint with this years Disney on Ice show!  It was amazing, oh and the kids thought it was great too!

Just prior to meltdown for Master X

I was a little nervous to tell you the truth, you see both of my kids are asleep by 6pm and the show started at 6pm.  I knew Miss P would be fine it was Master X I was nervous about, I kept thinking this could go one of 2 ways- screaming hysterically and overtired or falls asleep through show.  About half way through first session I began to think he was going to go the first way!  Luckily intermission was close so outside the doors we went for a run and change of scenery.  We then purchased a massive bucket of popcorn and Master X was set, back in our seat he sat with popcorn on his lap and focused on the show- we dodged a bullet, thank you food!!!

Master X and his bucket of popcorn!

Back to the show, WOW! Firstly the ice skater are amazing, I realise they have to be to perform but just so graceful and then the people in those huge costumes I take my hat off to them!  I can only just ice skate myself I couldn't imagine flying around the ice in a huge dinosaur (from Toy Story) suit!!! The lights, the music and special affects gave me goosebumps and was so exciting!  Of course Miss P was so excited when all of the Disney Princesses came out (Ariel mostly) and of course Tinkerbell!  Although she is going through a fascination with scary things at the moment so she tells me the Halloween part was her favourite bit!  

Then to the merchandise!  I am a shocker with it, I can't help myself but get the kids at least one piece of merchandise each!  This time they got the Disney (Mickey and Minnie) light twirlers.  After about 5 minutes of receiving them Master X had a forehead full of red marks from the twirlers whacking him in the head (mind you he found this hilarious!).  These twirlers saved me a few times too at the onset of a Master X meltdown!
Light twirlers!

It was a great night, we don't go out at night with the kids much, so it was exciting for all!  Once at car into pjs and by the time I had reached the first roundabout outside the Brisbane Entertainment Centre snoring was coming from both of the kids!  Disney you did it again, great show and great memories!

Kate xxx

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