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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Getting Organised

I always feel so good after I have done some organising at home! Today after our play at the park I started on organising the kids writing and reading areas.  This area is really important as I like to encourage writing and reading so having a tidy and organised place for them to do this is essential.  I was reading through one of my favourite blogs The Organised Housewife and I came across her section on organising school items and I was instantly inspired and knew exactly how I wanted it.  I took bits from her ideas and then worked with what we already had- why fix something that's not broken I say.  The area itself and the storage was working well it just needed to be better organised and clearer to all.

Firstly I went through each drawer and threw out scrap paper and rubbish that had found its way into the draws.  There was a lot of this as Master X is obsessed with packing away but packs everything away including rubbish!  So once the drawers were cleared of junk I sorted through what we had and put them into their relevant categories.  As we only have 3 drawers I needed a few categories in each so they are broad category, but this works for us.

 Above is the main learning station, next to this is the table and chairs.  On top is the magazine holder for the HOMEWORK, the small box storage is currently empty and the orange box next to this has sunscreen, wipes and anything else we need for outside (our back door is just next to this so handy for when we are getting ready to go outside).  I will explain the drawers below.

 This is the big bottom drawer and this is where Miss P stores her school bag and school library bag.  This is a great size drawer and Miss P can get her things out with ease so great for her to help in the mornings and afternoons.

This is the drawer above the big one.  It contains all of the kids educational games and puzzles.  There is peg board, egg numbers/shapes, threading, Leap Frog reader, flash cards and pre reader items.

And this is the top drawer.  Inside here we have all of the kids workbooks- I like to pick these up every now and then as Miss P really likes them and soon Master X will be doing them. Kmart often have them on special.  Also we have colouring books, school pens for homework (green container), word cards (pink container) and glue, scissors and erasers (blue container).


Above is what our reading and writing area looks like.  There are plenty of books, blocks, puzzles and a comfy foam mat to sit on. The kids love this area as the kitchen is right near not so when I am in kitchen they can be close too.  Beauty of our house is its very open!  The red bucket is right near the back door and next to the writing station, it holds shoes, towels and hats for outside.

So I still have a lot more things I want to organise but I definitely feel refreshed after doing this and feel a lot more motivated to organise other areas, might wait until after Miss P's party on the weekend though!!  Make sure you visit The Organised Housewife she has some fantastic ideas and places to start.

Kate xxx

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