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Saturday, 18 August 2012


So i mentioned awhile ago that we would be starting night weaning with Master X soon....that soon is now! He loves to fall asleep feeding and feed back to sleep at night, it never bothered me and I really wish I could continue but in order for us to add to our lovely family I need to stop night feeds. Now i knew that this process was not going to be a one night thing and I knew it was me that had to do it- I wasn't going to send him to sleep over to break the habit nor was I going to send hubby in to settle- he is used to mummy and weaning will be hard enough for him let alone add mummy not being there too much stress for my little man. So for the last week I have been preparing myself for long bouts of screaming and just lots of cuddles (definately no cry it out here but Master X is a screamer at the best of times). So the first night came last night.....

Well last night was not half as bad as what I thought it would be, I know its only night one but he did so well. He woke at 830pm and for 15mins he screamed at me but in the end succumbed to my cuddles and slept and woke at 1130pm and did much the same. Then 355pm and wasnt as bad and then came waddling down to our bedroom at 5pm. To many this may seem terrible but I was so proud of him he did such a fantastic job! He was looking forward to his morning feed.

All day we have been talking about how we have milk in the morning whenthe sun is up and you can see outside, night time when it is dark you sleep and no milk. Master X uses the word 'bobble' for wanting a feed and today he has actually been teasing me with it. Coming up to me saying 'bobble? No' then smiling. He's getting it, he's really getting it and its the best feeling. I tried night weaning when he was 16 months and I just knew it was way too early, he wasn't comprehending it at all and it really affected him, but now he is almost 20 mths he is able to understand it so much more. Even tonight as he went to bed, normally he would feed to sleep but tonight he rolled around then fell asleep on his own next to me, it was great.

So weaning is well under way, hopefully the morning feed won't affect my hormones too much and I can continue it for Master X. I have had 2 beautiful and long breastfeeding journeys, both similar but unique too. For now I am going to lay down and maybe sneak a little sleep just in case tonight is worse than last night. It's the 2-3am wake ups where it's so tempting just to feed him back to sleep but I know I have to stick to it, consistency is the key! Consistency and gentleness I believe, the last thing I want to do is stress my poor boy out so we are taking it slow and doing it our way that suits him best. Wish me luck and hopefully by the end of the week he is taking it all in his stride still.

Just too cute isn't he! I love our nightime cuddles and being number two it's a rare time we get one on one!

Kate xxx

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