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Friday, 24 August 2012

Toot Your Own Horn

Do you do it? Toot your own horn that is? Well I never do, in fact I'm quite modest and feel a little uncomfortable with compliments. I mean I love them but always struggle with how to take a compliment when I'm given one. Well in this blog post I am going to toot my own horn, so don't think I have a big head or I'm arrogant I'm just doing something we should all do once in awhile!

1. As a mum- now I am by far claiming to be the worlds greatest parent, but I believe I do a great job raising and caring for my children. I spend my whole days making sure they are cared for, loved, taught and made feel special. I do go beyond the basic responsibilities of parenting and I couldn't think of being apart from my kids. I believe in rules and boundaries and I feel this benefits my kids- they feel secure knowing what they can and can't do and it also teaches them rules are there to protect. I'll never raise a hand to them and I'll never let anyone else! I love them to bits and I do the best job I can.

2. As a wife- hmmm well maybe emotionally I lack a bit as I am not like alot of women, I'm not a big hugger or kisser (poor husband). Not that I don't love them with the husband but it's just not my strong point. I'm working on it. But I am faithful, honest, respectful and love to look after my husband, they may be boring chores but cleaning the house, cooking dinner, etc means my husband doesn't have to do them after being at work all day (being a roofer he does enough physical work in a day as it is). Overall I am constantly working on my wife skills but generally I think I'm a pretty good wife to my husband.

3. As a friend- this has tested me the last few months but I have realized I am a great friend. I will do anything for my close friends, I will always be there and I hate to disappoint them. Even as a kid I always enjoyed the company of small groups instead of mass amounts of "friends" and that stays the same now, I prefer to have small group of true friends rather than lots of fake so called friends.

4. Me as I have my parents to thank for who I am plus some life experiences too. I am a very independent person (sometimes oo much so according to my husband), I don't like to rely on others. I like to do right by others but only if they deserve it, very rarely will I get walked over or used but if you do you'll only do it once. I have morals and values that make me a decent person, I have self respect as well as respect for others. I have my issues as we all do but the are definately over shadowed by my positive traits. I will do anything for my family, I will always back them and support them. No matter what our differences I willalways love them and be there for them.

Ok there you go I just tooted my own horn! Not an easy task for me todo but wow it feels good and sometimes doing it can make you realize what a good person you are. Take a moment every now and then to write down all the positive things about yourself- do it after a bad day, after an argument or just at the end of a big day. Take care of ourself by loving the person you are. I don't and can't stand in front of a mirror chanting 'I love myself' but I can take 5 minutes to write down the things that make me as a person and realize I'm a good egg.

Kate xxx

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