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Sunday, 26 August 2012

It's One Thing After Another

So this week saw Master X start and successfully wean from breastfeeding! I am sad to end our journey but so proud of him as he has adjusted so well, actually there are lots more cuddles now especially at night so thats always great! As the weaning process didn't take anywhere near as long as i thought it would we are now about to embark on the next stage for Master X- toilet training!!! Miss P was toilet trained by just after her second birthday and I waited until around the same time to start her- as soon as they show me signs they are ready and willing I pounce! Sounds bad I know but I pounce nicely! I am toilet training them the same way, Master X will learn to sit on potty first and when he is older we will start the standing thing but for now he loves to sit on the potty. I bought this great pack from the baby and toddler expo so i am looking forward to using it. It's called 'Go Potty Go" and it is just a whole lot of fun and rewards for the kids as they master this new skill. Obviously I bought the boy pack as there is a pack for each. You can find their packs online here and I also purchased the Super Wee Man which will be used later on when Master X is mastering standing up to wee.

Today Master X showed me he is recognising his need to go (most of the time after he has been but its a good start) so I am now pouncing!  We don't use pull ups here unless we are going out or in car, its just undies at home!  Master X loves Thomas the Tank Engine so I have purchased several pairs of Thomas undies as he will be sad if he wets Thomas! He also loves trains in general and this pack is all about getting on board the potty train, kids are given a train ticket and follow along through the story.  There is also a reward chart which I find magical in the toilet training stage, who doesn't love a sticker!

So he has mastered one thing and now its onto the next, taking our time and doing it at his pace.  My little boy is growing up and then Miss P is 4 in 2 days!!!!  Time to get started on baby number 3 I think, well husband has been wanting to try awhile ago but I now feel master X is settled and the big changes are done or doing at the moment so perfect time to start trying now for all of us.

Do you have any great tips or tricks you used whilst toilet training? 

Kate xxx

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