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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Almost Loving My Body

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The above verse means so much to me, I luckily escaped with no stretch marks but I am left with a tummy that looks and feels like jelly but it has held and nurtured two of the most precious things in my life and hopefully one more, so I do love my body for doing that.

This year I am joining in with I Heart My Body over at We Heart Life. As is the case with most women, I was much thinner before kids.  After Miss P I walked daily and kept a lot of weight off and was almost back to my pre child size and then I fell pregnant again- YAY!  But second time around I didn't get into the exercise as much, actually at all.  The morning teas out and the afternoon snacks caught upon me.  I put a stop to all of this not long ago and decided to take back control of my body.  My husband is no help as he thinks I look HOT all the time (thanks hun but I need the honest truth sometimes- thanks mum).

This picture taken just a few weeks ago is the first picture I have seen of myself in a bikini in a long time.  At first I was repulsed, but then I had a longer look at it and thought 'you know what, after 2 kids and a crapload of garbage, I don't look that bad.'  I am learning to love my body, I am still working on it to get it healthy again but I am actually liking it know.  I have always liked my body, as a teenager I was fortunate enough to have a good body plus I was very sporty so that helped.  I was never one for the scales and I still don't really 'do' scales.  I also don't like to go off my clothes fitting because every brand has a different size.  My drawers consist of sizes 8-12 and I am very happy with that.  If I feel right in my clothes then I am happy. I probably weigh more now than before kids and I am definitely not as toned but my body is my life story, it has changed along with my life.

From looking at this picture I can tell you 3 things I love about my body right now:
  1. My legs- I am happy with how they look and have stayed quite toned, chasing after 2 kids I guess they should be right?
  2. My Stomach- weird right as it doesn't look and feel like it used to, but it has carried two beautiful babies in it so I love it.
  3. My Feet- is that weird to like your feet?  They never seem to gain weight or wrinkles or anything!
So I am in the process of loving my body, I am also working to keep it healthy.  I want my kids to see their mum as fit and healthy.

Do you love your body? What do you love most about it?

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