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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nursery Design

We are currently trying for number 3, yep those early stages (I mean early) of baby making.  We don't have a set plan, its just heads down bottom up, well kind of, for the month and see how it goes!  It has worked for us to produce 2 cherubs in just a month of this plan so we will stick to it for the 3rd.  Anyway, getting off that topic, well the nitty gritty side of the topic.  With the trying comes the decorating of a nursery, YAY!  I love this side of it just as much and luckily for me my super supportive husband just lets me go with it.  I am big on white for furniture, I like to splash the colour around once we know what we are having.  Miss P we didn't find out, Master X we did and number 3 we plan to find out too.  So it will be either lots of pinks again or blues.  Below is my design board so far, keeping it neutral.  The big furniture we already have it is just the decor we will be purchasing.  I am sure I will add to this along the way.  The cot is currently in there now as our kidlets stay in our room for at least a year so the cot is really just a feature!

I have actually already thought of more things to add to the design board so stay tuned for an update soon as I shop around for more items.

Where to find items on design board:
1. Boori Change Table- David Jones, Pram Warehouse
2. Wall Decal- My Munchkin Home
3. Merino Kids 'Dragonfly' Cot Sheets- Merino Kids
4. Bunting- Bel Bambino Kids
5 & 6. Ikeas Malm Dresser & Ikea Wall Shelf- Ikea
7. Rug- The Little Kidz Closet
8. Ikea Hensvik Cabinet- Ikea
9. Gro Time Bassinet Cot- Pram Warehouse

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