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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Scoot Toot Review

Do you take your kids to the park? Do you cart all of their scooters too? Scoot Toot have just solved your problem!

Sydney based mum and brainchild behind ScootToot comments “ScootToot lets even the most independent of children scoot safely and gives you greater freedom to take two young children out together, without breaking your back. We’re all about making mums life easier” 

It has always been a main reason why I leave scooters at home!  With two small children they never want to be on their scooters all day long so I am normally having to carry or somehow juggle the scooter plus thousands of bags!  Plus Miss P has the habit of saying 'my legs are tired' after 10 minutes! Well, didn't she get a shock when I said we could take her scooter to the park the other day!  'Really mum, but what if my legs get tired?' Scoot Toot packed and problem solved.

These pictures were all taken at home before leaving as I wanted to try it out myself plus Miss P wasn't convinced I had a plan for her tired legs.  She loved it.  I will admit, at first when I saw it I thought 'how is this going to pull the scooter without it tipping' but it does and it is really easy!  We often visit places where the kids would have so much fun on their scooters and now we can take them along.  Master X is getting a scooter for his birthday so we will definitely be getting one to attach to his scooter.  It is so so simple to use: you attach it to the scooter t-bar and then your wrist and off you go.  It is also handy to carry the scooter too.  It's always a bit tricky to carry a scooter without knocking your heels or tripping.  With the Scoot Toot you attach one end to the handle bars then the other part around the base of the scooter then carry it like a bag!  Simple, quick and so much of a help!

Thanks to Scoot Toot I have one Scoot Toot to giveaway to a lucky reader.  Follow the entry requirements on the Rafflecopter below and your park days may just become so much more fun!  Scoot Toot can be purchased online from their website and for only $12.99 which includes shipping Australia wide it is a small price to pay for such convenience!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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