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Monday, 22 October 2012

Party To The Finish Line

To say we have had the best day is by far an understatement!!!  The Armor All Gold Coast 600 is amazing- the people, the cars, the smell (sorry I love the smell of the V8’s) and the sun!  Today we walked the entire track, trying to find the best vantage point, we found many.  The beauty of the Gold Coast 600 is you are so close, you can see inside the cockpit and it is really an amazing feeling!

Ticket to a fantastic 3 days

So close

Not only is there the cars but there is so much on track entertainment especially for the kids.  They have really gone out of their way to make this event family friendly and indeed child friendly!  We had a pram today and didn’t find it once an inconvienece nor did we seem to annoy too many people! The staff around the track were amazing and offered to help carry pram over bridge.  Plenty of food and drink stalls so we never had to venture far.  There was so much action going on everywhere there was never a dull moment.  Sunday was the day I was worried about as i knew it would be the biggest day, but it was very pleasant.  They really catered for the kids too, so many free activities for them which is always a bonus.  The kids area was well laid out too and not congested like most venues!

Off track entertainment

 The Disney-Pixar Cars area is WOW!  As soon as the kids saw it they were off and then didn’t know where to go first!  They had their picture taken with lightening McQueen and his mechanic, they each got their drivers license which was very cute (cute now while its not real ask me again when they’re 17 if its cute), they stood on the podium in front of Mac and got lots of colouring in pictures to do! Both Miss P and Master X drove around the really cute track- Miss P had some help from the lovely guys that worked there and I pushed Master X around in a small CARS buggy.  The lines weren't huge and moved very quickly.  The CARS jumping castle was a hit and both the kids enjoyed it, they did come out absolutely dripping in sweat as it was very hot on the Saturday!  The MAC truck is unbelievable, inside they had little CARS couches set up and Playstation, my two aren't at the Playstation age yet so we just admired from a distance.  It was very well set up and just amazing the kids were thrilled to see it and couldn't stop talking about it.  We went back to it again on Sunday for another play.

Cute drivers license and colouring sheets from Disney-Pixar Cars
The kids saw this banner a mile away

Photo with the star Lightening McQueen and his mechanic

Proud to get her licence

Of course she had to stand on the 1st place

Such a cool track


An event that can keep the kids entertained and have them happily walking for over 3 hours is a GREAT event! Well done LifeLike Touring for bringing CARS on tour!  We had so much fun, it was a glorious weekend and this made our Armor All Gold Coast 600 even better.  We have booked accommodation already for next year right on the track and we cannot wait.  The 2013 calendar is up on the V8 Super car website so check it out, no matter where you are you need to get to an event, amazing!  If you do one thing next year make it buying tickets to the Armor All Gold Coast 600!!! 

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