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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Toilet Training- A Guide

I am by far an expert but I have toilet trained 2 little ones now and it has been quite good I must say.  Both have been toilet trained by 2- well Master X still in training but he has 3 months until he is 2 so its looking good!  I have done the same thing with both of them and its proven to be successful so I thought I would share some tips and things I do for others to try.  They may not work for every child but it did for us so give it a go!

I bring the potty out at about 13 months and let the kids get used to it and sit on it when they like- before or after nappy changes, etc.  They never really start using the potty until about 17-18 months.  When they start to show signs of wanting to use it and also developmental readiness- like dry for longer, telling you when they have done a wee/poo. Once you notice this development its time for potty at each nappy change, before bath time and any other time you see the chance.  If at first they don't like the potty, don't force it just let them become comfortable with it.  The worst thing you can do is force them!  I have always read a book with my kids, seems to distract them from the task at hand and makes them feel a bit more comfortable on the potty.  Both my two have started on the potty but then just used toilet training seat on the big toilet.  In the beginning I take them to the potty/toilet every 15 mins, this may seem a lot but its all about training and to do this it needs to be consistent and frequent.  Keep an alarm clock or egg timer handy if need be, this can also be a little bit of fun for the child too as they hear it ring!

Most of all be patient!  This is a huge thing for a little one, they may take to it easily or they may be apprehensive about it all.  It in no way reflects on who they are, how smart they are or how good a parent you are.  It is all a learning experience for both parent and child.  If the child has a reassuring and supportive parent during this stage then they will be at ease with it a lot sooner, this goes for every stage in their life.  They may also have days they have accidents all day and it may feel like you're going backwards but rest assured this is normal and just write that day off!  Master X today has had a bit of an off day- we have been out so a pull up has been on quite a bit so he has been 'just going' but tomorrow is another day and we are home so I am sure he will be back on track.  It is such a rewarding time for the little ones and a great time as you prepare to say bye bye to nappies forever (unless like me you are planning more babies) so enjoy the experience together as much as possible and don't rush it or feel pressured by others- again take the child's lead and let them guide you and you steer the ship.

Are you toilet training at the moment?  I would love to here how its going?


  1. You've just made me realise that Max has been showing signs of being ready for so long now, & I had NO idea!

    I am so so so nervous to potty train him, no idea why?!

    It just scares me as he can't talk, & I wonder how he'll understand?

    Wish me luck!


    1. That's so good that the post helped you, how old is Max? Master X is only 21 months has some words but not talking lots but understands alot. You'd be surprised how much they understand without talking and if you're asking all the questions at first then they'll understand and follow. Just do it I say and plan outside play so accidents are done outside. Good luck x