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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's Really Not Complicated

Why must we as humans complicate everything, we do it all the time, living life with all these added pressures just making it all so much harder.  I have been awakened to this in the last month, as I know watch every cent I spend- "Do I really need _______?" if the answer is no it gets put back.  We don't necessarily need to live like this but it really is great and brings you back to the simple things in life.  It also helps our family get ahead and be able to go on wonderful holidays down the track where we can make great memories, to look back on.  We can do this by limiting how much and what we spend our money on.

A few posts back I wrote about this new toilet training pack I purchased at the Baby & Toddler Expo, it is good, it is filled with great resources but honestly, it was a waste of money.  Not because the products are rubbish or it doesn't work or help but it simply wasn't a necessity.  On Monday this week I started "properly" toilet training Master X, by properly I mean at home majority of day and in undies the whole day.  It is now day 3 and he was dry all day, 3 wee's on toilet, 2 number two's and actually taking himself to the toilet obviously when feeling the urge!  Such a proud mumma!

It starts young...reading on the loo
The most useful part of this pack is the book, he loves it!  But really I went back to the basics and kept is simple.  That old saying KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid, yep its true!  I should have learnt as I did the same with Miss P, got the fancy potty, bought all these "kits" and in the end she used the same seat Master X uses on the big toilet and reads a book!  Again wasting money on these things I didn't need and actually not using them but my knowledge and common sense which is FREE!  Our toilet training plan is- straight on toilet in morning, undies on, toilet every 20 mins (this will become longer once he gets the hang of it, already I am waiting about 45mins as he is dry), stamps and stickers as reward for doing wee's or poo's on potty and a good book that he loves to read whilst sitting on toilet.  I find the book a good distraction rather than sitting there watching and waiting. So far so good, he is dry most of the day, he is waking up in the morning not very wet at all and is happy to use the toilet when asked and sometimes even tells me and drags me there!

We are also being smart with outings too.  Even though we are being money conscious doesn't mean we have to stay home,that isn't healthy.  Instead we again this year are purchasing one of the unlimited passes- Dreamworld or Seaworld/Movie World/Wet n Wild, this way we have something to do and once we go once we have made our money back so the rest of the time is free!

Very proud mumma of my boy and also proud of myself for going back to the basics and enjoying life at its fullest again.


  1. I am going to remember this for the school holidays when I want to start toilet training with Jack. So ex expect a few messages hehe :) Mel

    1. Great! Always here to help you know that! Message away ;-)