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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Boredom Busters

Where has the time gone, seriously its Thursday and the first week of school holidays are almost over!  We have had a mixture of nice home time and outings as well so its been lovely.  There have been a few moments of 'mum I'm bored' and this got me thinking- what are some boredom busters I can share with other mums for the school holidays?

fun times
So here's my list of boredom busters for school holidays (or anytime really):
  • buy some old saucepans from op shop or markets and if you have a sandpit put them in there with some water- hours of role play fun
  • add rice and food colouring to water and this will entertain and focus on their sensory skills as well
  • good old play dough (50c a tub at Kmart) but just have paddle pop sticks or match sticks for them to create with
  • forget the expensive superman or princess dress ups, go to op shop or market and purchase women and men's clothes, shoes, hats and accessories.  The brighter and more unusual the clothes or accessories the more fun the kids will have. Have a box especially for dress ups so they can take them outside too.
  • go to local hardware and ask for the offcuts of wood.  Our local Mitre 10 often have small blocks.  Put these outside with some glue (or hammer and nails if bit older) and watch their imagination flow
  • box construction- get grandma, aunts or friends to collect all their cereal or tissue boxes and toilet rolls and the kids will have hours of fun building and creating things from the boxes.  Use sticky tape instead of glue to binds kids find this a bit more interesting
  • washing baby dolls- fill up some buckets and get the kids baby dolls out, add a little baby wash to water and give the kids a washer and let them wash their babies.  Can also add the babies clothes to this and then hang them out.
  • outdoor obstacle course- create an age appropriate obstacle course in the backyard.  This gives a new meaning to their outside toys and develops their gross motor skills.
There are just a few ideas that might keep boredom at bay.  As much as its great to stay home, it's also fun to venture out.  Today we are heading to the movies to see Madagascar 3, Miss P and I are heading to Star Class whilst Master X has quality time with grandma! 

Hope your school holidays are going well so far and enjoy the time with your kids.

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  1. Great ideas!I love the idea of washing the baby dolls. Win, win situation there! :)