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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Things That Make You Smile

Last night Master X was sick and I, like many parents, don't like to see either of my children sick, so this morning has been a quiet one.  But it got me thinking about all the good things in my life and this made me smile!  It feels good to smile!  I then laughed because the things that make me smile are so very different to things that would have made me smile BC (before children).  I thought I would let you inside my thoughts this morning and see what made me smile.

Beautiful girl doing some craft makes me smile daily

Ah beloved coffee machine definitely makes me smile

Beautiful sitting deck or more commonly dancing stage for the kids

Lovely kids furniture they make me smile to see the kids happy in them

The kids fort and swings a place of smiles always

Our deck where smiles always happen

Handy hubby made a cubby that produces smiles constantly

oh so cute undies for my clever boy! Found size one so cute

Many things that make me smile.  What makes you smile?  Hope you all have a great day full of smiles!

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