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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Scary Times

All forms of media are filled with stories, tributes and articles about Jill Meagher and rightly so.  This post is one that was brewing inside my head before the tragedy of what happened in a small Melbourne town.  Ever since Miss P was born I can no longer watch shows like Law & Order or movies like Taken, I get deeply disturbed by them and the nightmares that follow are awful.  This being because I relate it all back to my kids and these movies aren't just far fetched entertainment anymore, things are happening out their in the real world that are exactly the same as scenes from these shows and movies.  I often lay in bed at night wondering how we are going to keep the kids safe, I know I can't be there for them all the time and I am not wanting to wrap them in cotton wool, but the world is a very dangerous place at the moment.  Even my mum, who raised 4 kids, says she worries for kids of today and the things she allowed all of us to do back then she would never allow if it was like it is today.

So many things have played apart in the way society is today-

  • TV ratings are pretty much a joke, as long as they get the people watching it they don't care so shows with swearing and violence are on at 7-730pm when most kids are still awake.  These used to be kept until at least 830pm.
  • the drugs and alcohol are so freely available.  Parents just throwing their hands up and saying 'well what can I do to stop them'. What can you do to stop them? At least try and stop them and then just keep on being there and supporting that's what! Be concerned about your child's friends, know their friends!
  • Glorification of shows like Underbelly and Sons of Anarchy, why put these on TV seriously.  Kids watch these and think these people have a great life, full of money and girls.  They don't see  the way they end up like we do.  And kids are being allowed to watch these shows.
  • the government, why, because jail is a beautiful place to go, its a resort! Why would anyone be deterred to do crime when they can live a life of luxury?  OK I know its not all luxury, but people are not coming out of jail with any type of good lesson instead they're coming out with more bad contacts and most of the time hungry to do it all again!
I'm no expert and I am only 29 years old but I can still see whats happening in society.  I am not a perfect parent, my kids are only little still so I haven't been through the teenage years but my husband and I have both decided we aren't going to bow down to society and raise our kids the way they want us to, we are going to raise them the way we want them to be.  Does that mean they will never be in trouble, or never touch drugs or never have any type of problem? No it doesn't, but what it means is we will TRY and make them aware of these dangers and if they do fall we will be there to help them pick up the pieces.  We both know we are our kids parents first and their friend second, we are not scared to say no to our kids and we will when they are teenagers too.  But one thing I won't be told anymore is that I am trying to wrap my kids up in cotton wool.  My kids will know about the real world through the news and through family discussions etc but will we try and keep them from danger- you bet you we will.  We will talk to our daughter about the dangers of walking alone at night, strange men, etc and we will talk to our son about similar dangers.    

The Jill Meagher story has rocked many worlds, I feel for her family.  It should never have happened, it is though and it will continue to.  It has saddened me but empowered me too, empowered me to keep on protecting and teaching my kids and not let society rule the way we raise them!

RIP Jill Meagher and my prayers are with your family x

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