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Monday, 3 September 2012

Rainbow Party

I can now breathe a sigh of relief that Miss P's Rainbow Party was a huge success and went as I had hoped it would! I was my normal stressed self the night before and the morning of the party but as guests arrived I began to settle. This post is more pictures than words but they tell thousand words!

Family pic before guests arrive and all are clean and tidy

Birthday girl in front of the candy buffet

Miss P was so excited and I think the "when are my friends getting here?" started at about 8 o'clock in the morning!  Both the kids helped me decorate outside with streamers, balloons and banners whilst hubby got ice and other things from the shop for me- teamwork! We didn't have a strict plan for the day, I had planned 2 games- pass the parcel and pin the pot of gold on the rainbow, the rest was just free and fun play.

Candy buffet time

Mmmm lollies thanks daddy

Relaxing with good company

Got to have pass the parcel

More relaxing and fun
As per usual I had way too much food but I much prefer this than running out of food!  The adults food consisted of cheese and meat platter, party pies, chips, assorted wraps all help yourself!  The kids had a party plate each full of rainbow coloured treats- so much junk it wasn't funny but its a party!  The kids plate consisted of Rainbow Rice Krispies, mini rainbow cupcakes, rainbow bread, rainbow fruit skewer, rainbow jelly cup and a cookie.  Not much was left on the plate either!

Food time

Birthday girl enjoying her party plate
The best moment was the cake, actually it was the most nerve racking as I couldn't wait to cut into it to see if it turned out ok.  I think I had sweat pouring off me as I was cutting it.  It was perfect, I was so happy and proud of myself!  We gave Paris the first huge slice and she loved it!

The cake before

Soaking up the attention...Miss P that is 

Our beautiful princess!


Ah success!!!

She could hardly pick it up


The day was such a wonderful one and I am glad we have these photos as life long memories of our little Miss P's 4th Rainbow Party.  The long nights working on the decorations and the days baking all paid off when I saw how much fun she had!  Miss P said to me in the bath that night,"mummy thank you for giving me the best party ever, can we talk about my 5 year old party now?" Ah the innocence of them, and my answer was "not tonight honey".  A huge thanks to my beautiful mum who helped in so many ways before and on the day and actually after it too.  Miss P idolises her and so do I.

These 2 have a bond no one can break
Overall it was a fantastic day.  I am definitely over baking rainbow cakes and cupcakes for a few months though!

Kate xxx

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