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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

20 Day Challenge

As most probably have seen The Organised Housewife has started a challenge- 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your House- well I have joined this challenge and I am trying my best to do it each day.  It is a very good idea and just before the challenge began I was in a bit of a flap!  I needed to sort and tidy ALL of my house but I was procrastinating and just not sure where to start. So imagine my delight when I saw this challenge appear, it was a sign and it feels good to be at least starting to organise my house.  I am not sure I will be able to stick to it each day or have to (as there are some rooms on the days I either don't need to organise or don't have that room) but I will be doing it as much as possible and hopefully at the end of 20 days my house will be tidy overall making it easier to keep on top of.

My cleaning bucket- shower wipes, bathroom cleaner, toilet wipes, dust wipe, toilet dics, mirror wipes and eucalyptus oil.

Another view of the cleaning products.  This was a Pre-Task
So after getting organised with my cleaning bucket I felt ready to go.  It is amazing how much easier it is to start cleaning and keep going when you have everything you need in one spot and not having to stop and search for a product.  I have also cut right down on the amount of cleaning products I buy- one for a money saving issue and the other because you really only need a few products that do several jobs!

I then got started on Task 1 which was the kitchen.  My kitchen has been an issue for awhile and I recently just managed to clear the bench tops and paper mess which has made my life and sanity so much better!  So below are the after shots of my completion of Task 1.

Under the sink- all my cleaning products for kitchen, plus sponges and room sprays.

This side is bug sprays and dishwasher tablets.  Our bin is on the door hence the huge space here.

Only the regularly used appliances on the bench.

Finally a clear bench top 

To the right is all of our vitamins (whole family) plus fruit bowl
I have been slack since this first task though as I have skipped task 2 and 3, well missed I should say as I do intend to do them but I may just take a little longer.  But after just one task I can see the benefits of this challenge.  I will keep you posted once I complete more of the tasks.

Have you joined the challenge? If so, how are you going?  I would love to hear how others are going or any other tips for cleaning/organising?


  1. I was supposed to playing along with this challenge , but i am still unpacking boxes. (we just moved house)
    Maybe next time!
    Goodluck. :)

    Todays post:

    1. Well at least you have an excuse of just moving....still keep up with it though, I have been saving the tasks and just doing them on other days. Goodluck

  2. wow you are keen. Good on you with the cleaning.