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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rainbow Party

Today Miss P and I decided she would have a Rainbow Party for her up coming birthday in August!  I am a little bit excited! I have it all laid out in my head and I just want the party to be sooner so I can put it all together!

Tonight I went on the search for decorations, tableware, party bags and more!  I found exactly what I was after at The Party Parlour.  They had so much to choose from and good prices too!  I got some colourful paper lanterns, a rainbow invitation/party bag tag set, party bags and table runner.  I still have more to buy but very happy I got the big items sorted!  The best part (so far) has been this beautiful skirt I found for Miss P to wear on the day, its from Petal Blossom, its going to be kept a secret (if I can) and I know she is going to be so excited!

Oh makes me happy just looking at it!
There is still more planning to be done, more things to buy but for now I am so excited for my little girls 4th birthday party!  I will have more updates as we draw closer and I am sure to share more of my purchases with you once I find them!

Kate xxx


  1. Oh wow, that is the most prettiest skirt! I am just about to start making a list of all the things I'm going to need for Mr4's 5th birthday party - it's a LEGO one! Wish me luck!

    1. Good luck I so want to do a Lego party for Master X once he's older! Love party planning and love the look on their faces

  2. Hey lovely, I have tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award on the blog :) Chrissie xx