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Monday, 16 July 2012

Going Natural For Our Health

I have been going to the local markets lately on a Sunday morning with the kids, allowing hubby to have a sleep in (I know I am fantastic aren't I) I buy all our vegetables and fruit and the odd "junky" toy for the kids!  At first I was doing it to save money as i bought in bulk, but it wasn't until I purchased supermarket strawberries last week that I realised we were all benefitting from the freshness of the food I was buying at the markets!  The supermarket strawberries had no flavour and were hard, something I had never noticed before!  We love our little trip to the markets, its literally a whole new world with a very "diverse" range of people!

Last week we planted our own garlic and strawberry plants, thanks to the rain I haven't had to water them all week but they need sunshine so go now rain!  This is the start of becoming a more natural household!  Master X wear cloth nappies at home 80% of the time (Iknow I could do better but better than not at all), I make his vegetables for dinner, I try to only give the kids the occasional packet food, the creams we have are natural (except one for Master X which I intend to change) and I have stopped buying harsh chemicals for the house!  Now, as much as I would love to say that everything we consume and use is going to be 100% natural, its just not going to happen!  I will still use disposables when out, Master X does have the Raffertys Organic vegetables when we go out.  But I am making a conscious effort to read all labels and try and chose all natural or as close to all natural as I can for the sake of my family!

In our family reading labels is also a matter of life and death as Master X has an anaphylactic allergy to egg and as you can imagine egg is EVERYWHERE!!!  So since he was diagnosed at 11 months every packet food is checked and any food where I cannot read the label he does not have!  This allergy has made me aware of the contents of our food much more than I did before.  There is a lot more baking happening in this house (husband thinks this is great and needless to say I have to double the batch to compensate what he eats at night!) and parties are just that little bit more stressful for me, theres no kicking back and not worrying what they eat, I have to be one step behind him the whole time.  In my favour, Master X is very good and has never been one to pick anything up and eat it.  Plus he is quite fussy with his food so we are still eating mashed vegetables for dinner and a lot of the "baby" food that is egg free.  So in our attempt to be more natural, it will benefit everyones health whilst keeping the environment safe for Master X. The thought of using that EpiPen absolutely freaks me out so we don't even keep eggs in our house!

I hope to have some more recipes for you of some of the snacks I have been baking and with 2 birthday parties in the planning stage I will share with you some allergy free but so yummy party food!

Kate xxx

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