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Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympics At Home

Finally its here.....the London Olympics have begun!  I am a lover of the Olympics, I love watching the Australian athletes compete actually all the athletes compete!  It gets me motivated to exercise for possibly 2 weeks, actually probably the first few days then the only exercise I do is the usual chasing after 2 children type!  Hang on that's an event at the Olympics- the marathon!  So there you have it, I am in some way a competitor!  Ok back to the REAL Olympics, Miss P watched most of the Opening Ceremony and was fascinated by it all!  Asked so many questions, it was great to see and hear her enthusiasm to learn about it all.  Master X liked the "show" of it all but obviously being 19 months he wasn't glued to the TV.  So this afternoon, the 2 kids have their couches out, blankets on, popcorn at the ready and watching the Olympics!  I must say I am loving it- this is the first Olympics (Miss P was only newborn when Beijing was on) that the kids can watch and enjoy the Olympics with us!

Awaiting the popcorn

I am not quite sure what my favourite even is, I guess it is the Swimming and Athletics but I also enjoy a lot of the other events too!  Thinking about doing our own Olympics at home with the kids complete with medals and make up some fun events for the kids to do.  It's a bit of fun but it also explains the Olympics to them in their own way- PLAY!  So I will keep you posted and updated on our medal tally, I will put up printables I use to create the medals in case you would like to have your own Olympics at home.  I am thinking of incorporating household chores into the fun and games too as events!  

Yummy popcorn
So as Ray Warren would say... Let The Games Begin!!!!

Kate xxx

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