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Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY Cubby House

I am forever grateful that my husband is one handy and clever fellow!  I am a little bit fussy when it comes to things I require built, as in I have a set picture in my mind and don't even think about changing it!  Control freak you may say, well yes actually I am.

When we decided we wanted the kids to have a cubby house I was straight onto the internet to find what I was visioning in my head to show my husband.  We had a look at a few places selling cubby houses but the builder in my husband came out and he wasn't happy with the finishings of them.  Then he suggested he make one- I wasn't so sure!  Not that i don't have full trust in my husband but remember I am a control freak!   But we all have to move out of our comfort zone occasionally so I gave my husband the printout of what I wanted and let him go with it!  He didn't disappoint!  In fact he built it better than the picture I gave him and with more style.  The best part, is the kids now tell everyone "Daddy built our cubby house" and that fills me with joy but my husband even more so!

He did such a fantastic job of the cubby house and he put a lot of time and care into making it just perfect for the kids.  We are in the process of painting the walls inside- blue and pink, we have a wooden kitchen ready to be put in there and the kids will have hours of fun in this I just know!  All of the cubby houses we looked at were from $600 right up to $2000 and they were no where near as big as our cubby!  The grand total of this cubby was $250, it took my husband 2 full Sundays to build!  Nothing better than a homemade piece of play equipment you can sit back and watch your kids enjoy day after day!

Kate xxx

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