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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dora the Explorer Competition

"Dora the Explorer is back for another adventure!  Paramount Home Media Distribution is excited to announce the world’s most popular preschooler, Nick Jr.’s Dora the Explorer, is back with Dora the Explorer: First Bikereleased on DVD on 20 June 2012. The latest DVD invites viewers to watch Dora demonstrate the magic of friendship as she helps her best friend Boots, to ride his first bike and find his missing boots, plus more.
Dora The Explorer: First Bike features four fantastic friendship adventures including three new-­‐to-­‐ DVD episodes including:
Boots’ First Bike
Boots is ready for his first big-­‐kid bike! Help Dora take him on an adventure to the Bike Shop, and help other friends do new things for the first time too!
It's Vacation Time! Help Dora and Boots pack up to meet Diego and Baby Jaguar for a night at the Rainforest Campground, and help Dora's friends get set for their trips too!
Bouncy Boots
Boots can't wait to get his boots back from the Shoe Shop, but when he gets bouncy boots instead, Dora and you need to help him on a bouncy adventure to find his own boots!
The Big Red Chicken's Magic Wand
Big Red Chicken accidentally breaks his magic wand after turning Boots into a chicken! To turn Boots back, help Dora return to Magic Land and fix the wand at the Wand Shop!"

Both kids here love Dora the Explorer, in the car, at home and everywhere else!  When I saw there was a new dvd out we couldn't be more excited!  We love the learning, the fun, the music and the general great feeling of the Dora series.  And who doesn't love Boots!  If this is your children too then I have the giveaway for you!  I want to know who has the biggest Dora the Explorer fan in their house, to enter post your comment below telling "why is your child the biggest Dora fan?".  Entries are open until Friday 13th July until 7pm.  I will then choose the top 5 Dora the Explorer fans and each will win a copy of the new release DVD.  Don't forget to leave your email address so that you can be contacted.  Good luck and can't wait to read all the entries! Good luck!

Kate xxx


  1. I think my daughter is the newest and biggest Dora fan, she only discovered her approx 4 weeks ago. Since this time she has managed to gain a wardrobe and craft table of Dora mechandise. Along with using every opportunity to watch the foxtel episodes of the show and happily singing 'We Did It' when called for during the show and at other times when playing around our home


  2. At our house we have just discovered Dora, Boots and their wonderful world over the last few months. But Big Mr J loves it and I love how his imagination is growing because of it. We now run around the house trying to speak Spanish 'oh la Dora'.
    I am finding the merchandise a little girly for him, but for now we are just enjoying pretending to be Dora with our backpack and I think little brother is Boots!!! Such fun.

  3. I have 3 fans, master 7, miss 4, and master 3. Together they all enjoy singing along to Dora and het adventures repeating new and familiar Spanish words and of course stopping swiper!!

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  5. Thought I'd pop my head in and see if your competition is still going, Kate!

    Mr4 has just started to speak to me with other languages.... I say 'speak' but he's just repeating things off tv - like "Catastroph!, bonjour! and au revoir!" from "Gaspard and Lisa" - and he can tell me what it means.

    Maybe Dora can teach him some Spanish!