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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Method Cleaning Products

It's funny how all things seem to tie in together!  As mentioned in my post about Healthy Eating we are trying to be as natural as possible in our house!  Well this yesterday I was excited to receive a box full of goodies from Method cleaning and bath products. Never have I been more excited to clean my house, I know sad isn't it!  And not only was I going to clean one area of the house, I intended to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else in between!

How cool are the colours!!!
From their website:
"we think bottles can be role models. lotions don't have to be scary potions. you should be able to inhale while you clean and exhale knowing that a guinea pig out there somewhere thanks you. we're people against dirty and we think you might be too"
The amount of times I would be cleaning the shower and almost fainting from the smell, yeah it may clean but what damage was it doing to my health!  The Bathroom Cleaner I tried smelt absolutely fabulous and yes at first I thought it smelt too "nice" to be able to do the job- WRONG it cleaned beautifully and with ease!  No passing out from toxic smell and such a nice aroma in the bathroom too.  Next I tried the All Purpose Cleaner, I am one who likes to wipe the benches and tables oh say a few hundred times a day, so I felt very at ease using this product due to the fact no harsh chemicals would be destroying my benches etc.  Again the smell oh my gosh!  Now for the real test- the Kitchen Cleaner.  Could it get rid of grime whilst smelling this great!  You bet.  I am a shocker for spilling things on the stove, well one spray of this kitchen cleaner, let it sit for few mins and wiped it off and I kid you not gone and smelling oh so yummy! 

So the house was smelling and looking great, what else could I clean! Oh thats right the kids were due for a bath, I could try out the Squeaky Green Kids Body Wash (fuzzy peach flavour). The first thing Miss P said was "mum this smells really good".  That was a good sign, another good thing is both my kidlets have sensitive skin so being able to bath them in something that left them smelling great but no reaction afterwards was GREAT!

Method hide nothing from you, the whole list of their ingredients in all of their products can be found on their website and if there is any ingredient you aren't sure of they are more than happy to answer any questions!  In my honest opinion of Method products I highly recommend them, they are safe, they work and they smell great.  The other important factor with cleaning products is the price and in this time of everything rising I believe the prices are very reasonable in fact I was quite surprised when I went onto their online shop to see the prices.  So if you are ready to clean in a more healthy way check out the Method cleaning products, I know I will be ordering a lot more especially now I am trying to keep our household as natural as possible!

Kate xxx

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  1. how do you find out about reviewing products? I've reviewed a few things, mainly baby things, but would love to review something more grown up!