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Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Letter To You Both

I wrote this in my head whilst feeding Master X to sleep tonight....

To my little ones,
Each night I get the privilege of putting you both to bed, watching you drift off to slumber land and hopefully dream lovely dreams.  Whilst you sleep I often lay there staring at you both and thinking how blessed I am and how fateful I am to have you both!  You are both the most beautiful children, learning each day at such a rapid rate.  I take pride in both of you when we are out, I take pride in how much you both are so loving already at such a young age.  

Let me tell you now, I will never abandon you, not now, not later in life not ever!  Sometimes I do get carried away doing tasks or cleaning but you both have that power to pull me away from these chores and enjoy what you both.  I cherish these moments we spend together, everyday we spend doing lots of things or just a few things or sometimes just being at home!

Always know that each day I love you with ALL of my heart, with you both I carry my heart on my sleeve!  You both give me strength, astronomical strength daily! There are days you both drive me crazy (a good crazy that is) and I feel like we just haven't connected but then at the end of those days we have our cuddles and I tuck you both in and realise you did drive me crazy- crazy in love with you both!

To some the way I am as a mother is weird, or too much but to both of you it is clear it is exactly what you need.  I will never push you to be ready or independent or better or stronger.  I will just support you, I will guide you and most of all I will nurture you the way a mother should.  I will protect you but not obstruct your learning, I will help you but also let you learn it yourself, your needs will always be met but you won't be spoilt just spoilt with love!  You will always know what you mean to me, you will always feel what you mean to me.  

Sleep well my little ones, I cannot wait for the sun to come up and we can enjoy another day together.  Master X I will see you several times through the night as I help you fall back asleep, you take your time I will always be right there.  Goodnight xxx

I have printed this letter and intend to keep it and show them both when older.  I love them so much.

Kate xxx

1 comment:

  1. That is just so beautiful Kate, made me teary. I love that you will print this and give it to them xx