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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Parties & Allergies

Party planning is in full swing here and all is going really well.  Miss P is getting very excited and now that the majority of our decorations and invites are ordered and here, its now onto the food side of things.  This is where we slow up a little! You see Master X has a severe allergy to egg, anaphylactic to be precise, so everything we will be consuming on the day needs to be safe for him too.  Do you know how many things have egg in them?  EVERYTHING!  Well it seems like it anyway. So the party planning turned from decoration sites to sites that help with allergies.  I needed items that made people aware that the food was egg free.  A lot had some great products but they were a little boring plain! Then I found Allergy Riders, even the name shouts style to me!  And they had exactly what I needed for the party- so stylish!

When I pulled these products out of the box I was amazed!  They are more stylish than non allergy products!  And the colours really attract peoples attention to what is written on them- a huge plus for me!  With so many children having allergies today it is really something to consider when hosting a children's event.  They have a wide range of products, obviously we only need the egg free items, but they have gluten free, dairy free, vegan and more!  I can't wait to put cupcakes in them and know that my little man is safe to eat them and people can clearly see what is safe for him to eat. Stay tuned for a post after the party to see how they looked and how they go on the day!

Kate xxx

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