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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dora the Explorer Review

One very excited little girl this morning as we arrived home to find a box which contained the new release copy of Dora the Explorer!  Lunch was had in record time, and ready to watch it.  As I type I hear the credits rolling for the last of the 4 episodes the dvd contains!  Miss P has not moved once, I could here her answering Dora, laughing at Boots and then instructing her brother to sit and watch it too (at 18mths there is way too much to do for sitting and watching a dvd!).  We watch a lot of Dora so i was wondering how this would keep Miss P's attention, even though it was a new one, I thought she may get sick of it by the 2nd episode on the DVD, but to my surprise and relief not at all!  She was enthralled the entire DVD!  

Opening background from Dora show

I caught a glimpse each time I walked past lounge room and of course could hear it the whole time and it did sound great! Seems to me, I could be wrong, that this series is a lot more educational plus a lot more about feelings and emotions.  Perfect for Miss P as she is working out all these different emotions lately and experiencing them too (yay for me!).  But for those of you who have little ones, I would suggest it right up to age 6 or 7, enter the Dora the Explorer giveaway on the blog for your chance to win a copy of the new release, you won't be disappointed.  

New release Dora DVD

Please sign up to my blog via email, then read the post about the giveaway for details on how to enter!  Hurry though as entries close Friday at 7pm QLD time.

Good luck!

Kate xxx

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