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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rare Moments

You know the get to Wednesday and think 'where on Earth did the last few days go'.  I had that moment today, the last few days have rushed past and I don't even know where they went, did I hug my kids enough, did i tell my husband I love him, did I do any housework (then I look to the laundry and the clear answer is NO).  So at lunchtime today, approximately 10 mins after having this feeling, I sat down with the kiddies to have lunch, listened to Miss P ask very random but cute questions, watched Master X just watch his big sister in awe, and I had this feeling of complete peace with myself.  Something I have not felt in a long time, I mean I have been content and very happy in my life but within myself thanks to lives dilemmas I have felt something missing.  Today my body and heart was whole, it is the best feeling.

The washing is planned to be done tomorrow (weather depending) but you know what if it doesn't I really couldn't care, if it rains we are going outside in raincoats and gumboots to make a mess and splash in puddles- something Miss P has longed to do but I always find an excuse- not tomorrow!  I think we all feel it and most say it but I am so totally in love and devoted to my two little people they just fill me with so much of everything and even after what seems like the longest and hardest day I can honestly look at them both and just think 'that was so worth it'.  Mushy, yep, true, most definitely.

Thankyou to my two little people for making my life and everyday special and filling me with a love like no other!  Thankyou for teaching me patience, strength and how to laugh at things more!  Heres my list below of things I aim to do more of with my little people:
1) painting outside
2) assorted craft
3) jumping in puddles
4) body painting (hands, feet, tummies, etc)
5) long SLOW walks with bags for our collections
6) talking, listening together
7) spontaneous drives and adventures
8) bushwalking
9) mueseum and other cultural experiences
10) taking time to just be amongst them totally amongst them!

Do you have a list?  Do you do any of these?  What are some others you could add to my list?  Let me know your thoughts I would love to hear them.

Kate xxx


  1. Oh Kate, I just LOVE this post! Thank you for reminding me how wonderful my life is :)

  2. Thanks Claudia- life in general can cloud our vision of what we really have and how wonderful it is. Glad you liked :))